Best Places to stay in the United States

When you think of the last placed you stayed on holiday, it should be a thought filled with wonderful and cherished memories.The following is a list of some of the best places to stay in the US, places that you will be able to look back on and reminisce about for the rest of your life.

1.      Woodlands Resort & Inn, Carolina

Carolina is one of the most famous holiday destinations for tourists from all parts of the world and this hotel is just a blessing. It has a fabulous infrastructure and provides quality services for its guests. While it can cost somewhere around $400 for a night, this hotel is totally worth it.

2.      Sanctuary, Kiawah Island

This can be counted among the most versatile and exotic hotels of its kind; The infrastructure of Sanctuary exhibits more than just a hotel. Being just 20 minutes away from Charleston, this place provide calm and relaxing environment for the tourists.Situated near the sea shore, Sanctuary ranks second among the best places to stay in United States.

3.      Inn, Spanish Bay

The name of this hotel is as unique as the services offered. Located near the pebble beach in California, the Inn has more than 250 rooms, 4 bars and 3 restaurants. Although the rate is a little on the higher side at a whopping $570 for a night, the experience offered by this property is one of its kind.Don’t miss the bagpiper music near the course if you decide to stay at the Inn.

4.      Planters Inn

Another heavenly property in South Carolina is the Planters Inn. Be it the state of art infrastructure or the gentle hospitality of the hotel staff; this one has everything to impress the tourists and guests.At just $300 for a night, it is a fairly good deal. And moreover with the introduction of esta visa, the number of tourists planning to visit the United States is certainly rising and is going to continue the same way in 2014 as well.

5.      Madrona Manor, California

The United States is often preferred by couples for their honeymoons or other romantic gateway trips and this hotel is one of the best options available to get a hint of romance and love. The atmosphere has been maintained appropriately in order to give a sense of calm and peace to the guests.. The food is delicious too. Thus, Madrona Manor is a stable spot in this list of best places to stay in 2014.

6.      Blackberry Farm, Tennessee

This hotel is commendable in terms of its existence in the mountain foothills. It is sure to offer an ‘out of the world’ experience to all those who stay there, and is well known for the positive feedback that the majority if its guests have given. Although the rates are on the high side with a room costing around $750 a night, Blackberry Farm provides the best view of the mountains.

7.      Four Seasons Resort, Wyoming

If you are looking for a contemporary lodge neat the Tetons, this hotel is probably the one to look for. It is another beauty in terms of rooms, dining and other prominent features. It falls under the category of Premium hotels and is on the expensive side. But the 124 rooms, 3 bars, 3 restaurants and 57 condos are seldom vacant.

8.      Peninsula Beverly Hills, California

California has some of the finest hotels in America, and the Peninsula Beverly Hills is just an addition to the list.Located in Los Angeles, this one features 16 villas, 194 rooms, 1 bar and 2 restaurants. Besides this, the hotel is known for the Shiffa Precious Gem massage at its spa offers. With a room costing around $500 for a night, it is a nice property for those who do not haveconcerns about budgets!

9.      Blantyre, Massachusetts

A property spread in over 120 acres, Blantyre is just like a heaven. Having 4 cottages, 24 rooms and a restaurant on offer, this hotel believes in providing a quality service to its guests. It is also well known for its cottages which are unique in their own way. A double room costs around $550 which is quite reasonable.

10.  TuTu’Tun Lodge, Oregon

If you are thinking of a hotel in the deep wilderness, the TuTu’ Tun Lodge is the one that should be considered. It is an amazing hotel to stay and has just 2 cottages, 18 rooms, 1 restaurant and a bar. Although getting a booking here can be a challenge. A few Hawkins and Lobster Creek rooms have beautiful river views andare rarely vacant.

These ten properties are known for something different. Any one out of them would offer some of the best experiences that you can cherish and remember, and now that an esta visa is also available easily, one need not think twice about visiting the United States of America.

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