Best practices while travelling in Indian Railways

The Indian Railways needs no introduction and is a well known enterprise all over the world. It has its roots tracing back 150 years of its successful functioning. In due course of this time, the railways have achieved a lot of milestones and still believe that they have a long way to go before they sleep. It carries over 20 million passengers across the country on daily basis and feels proud about this fact. It is also capable of carrying heavy freight tonnes and does so every day.

Now travelling in any train is a unique experience in itself, but here are some best practices for passengers to do when in a train or on a platform.

  1. HAVE CONFIRMED BOOKINGSWhenever one plans to travel in a train, especially in Indian Railways then having a confirmed booking done is of high importance. This would ensure a hassle free journey without having to strike a conversation with the Ticket Checker. If the booking is not confirmed, then it is better not to board the train. The Tatkal scheme is the best in such situations to get a confirmed booking 24 hours before the departure of the train but of course it has some extra charges applicable.
  2. SAFETY OF LUGGAGE AND CHILDRENThe stations, platforms, and trains are crowded by unknown people and trusting everybody there is next foolishness. Thus, it is always better to take care of one’s own belongings. Hiring a coolie for heavy luggage is advisory while the kids have to be handled by the parents so that they do not invite unnecessary trouble.
  3. HAVING COMPANYA journey on trains is not interesting until there is a partner, family or friends. Trains take time to reach destinations and having a company every time is recommended. One can enjoy movies on laptops, talk, and share, enjoy on platforms, eat new things and explore the entire journey. But all these things cannot be done alone. It is always better to travel with friends or family if possible.
  4. GO PREPAIDOnce the destination is reached, the prepaid taxi or auto services are the most trustworthy to go for. There would be many local people who misguide and charge more, but the pre paid taxis charge according to government rates and help reach the desired destination. A new place is always unknown to new people or tourists and hence the best practice is to go for the prepaid services and avoid getting misguided.
  5. MAINTAIN HYGIENEAlthough Railways take every measure into account as far as the cleanliness and hygiene within the trains are considered, but it is still recommended to be aware of what one is eating or drinking on trains and platforms. Mineral water bottles and home food is the best option in such cases. Buying packed food can be another alternative to be on the safer side and not eat road side stuffs.

These five are the main points to remember while planning to commute by trains in Indian Railways. These would ensure not only a safe and pleasant journey, but also make it a memorable one.

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