Best Sailing Destinations in the World

In the days of the archaic past, people would take long journeys to migrate whenever their habitat’s resources became exhausted, or when their surroundings suffered changes which resulted in them becoming unhospitable. Perhaps something of that primal nomadic feeling survived until the present day, because when wanderlust sets in, there is nothing to do for it but to hit the road and travel a bit. Our reasons for traveling are not as vital as they once were, but if anything, the trip has been made immensely more comfortable, and pleasurable. When it comes to the very act of traveling being more relevant to the human spirit than the destination itself, sailing comes first, and all other means of transport can follow. Although the era of great explorers is passed, many people today still enjoy the notion of traveling around the world, exploring for themselves some of the world’s most exotic and most beautiful locations. What better way to do so than to be the captain of your own ship, and hit the seven seas.

The world is your oyster

While the notion of owning a sailing boat may be considered by some to be nothing more than a rich man’s dream, it does not have to be so. To be completely honest, you cannot put a price tag on a dream, and even if you could, you would be surprised at how accessible building and maintaining a boatcan be, when the sailing industry is comprised of wonderful, caring individuals who will always be there to help their colleague out, and at the very least give them advice on frugal sailing.And now that the question of money is out of the way, let’s check out some of the best places in the world to take your new ride.


On this list, French Polynesia takes a prominent place, due to the variety of enjoyment it offers. Its crown jewels Tahiti and Bora Bora are well known luxury honeymoon destinations, and the Marquesas are intact tropical wilderness, just like they show on TV. Port-hopping around these 118 islands is the only way to visit all the relevant ones, but do spend at least one night in a Tahitian overwater bungalow.

Fraser Island

The enchanting Fraser Island just off the coast of Australia is the world’s largest sand island, and it comes with everything, from crystal clear beaches to lush and densely populated rainforests. With a fully developed touristic infrastructure, but without modern urban areas, Fraser Island is a popular getaway for tourists and Australians alike. Once you anchor your boat and arrive on the island, you can rent a 4×4 drive and have a great time cruising the sand dunes, and catching glimpses of dingoes on land, and humpback whales in the distant ocean. Swimming is permitted only in the fresh inland lakes.

Galapagos Islands

This history-book regular is memorable as Charles Darwin’s main place of work. He immediately fell in love with these volcanic islands and their autochthone inhabitants.There is much to do on the Galapagos Islands once you berth your boat. The sights are truly amazing, and there’s plenty of activities you could partake in, far from the restraints of civilization. The diving and snorkeling spots are out of this world.


Greece may be going through a difficult period, but it is in their nature to prevail. Coastal Greece has been taken over by tourist traps and beaches, and there isn’t that much left to explore there, but inland Greece is fine, if a little remote for the average sailor. The islands are where it’s at. Corfu and Ios and the rest are still the golden lifeline of the historical value of Greece. Each of these islands has a tale to tell the culturally aware sailor, tales of great heroes of the past. They are also home to the cleaner, more peaceful, and more beautiful in every way summer resorts. The offers are plentiful to both regular tourists and sailors. The benefit of visiting Greece by boat is not just the ability to visit more islands at your own leisure, but also its vicinity to other spectacles on the Aegean and Mediterranean – Croatia, Italy, and Morocco, all the way to the French Riviera.

Fort Lauderdale

Florida is inhabited by seniors and crocodiles, and that one CSI forensics team. This is a false, yet surprisingly popular representation of the Sunshine State. Florida receives visitors even outside of Spring Break season, and most of these are American and foreign boaters. The boating community here is vast, and highly represented online. There is room and love in Fort Lauderdale for every sailor, whether he be sailing a 20” keel, or a super yacht. The most interesting time to visit, however, is the winter season, because Florida’s boat shows are something else. They are also a great way to connect with fellow boaters and organize a joint trip to one of Americas other great waterways.

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