Best Ten Destinations To Capture On Camera

England – The Lake District

The Lake District is one of the high lights of the natural wonders of England covering 2,292km2 of water situated in North West England. It’s a popular holiday destination which would be absolutely idea for anybody looking to take beautiful waterscapes of lakes surround by green terrain, but do not forget your tripod.

France, Paris – The Eiffel Tower

Explore the magnificent capital city of Paris, amongst this city stands an iconic structure in the name of The Eiffel Tower one of the most famous structures in the world. There’s no doubt this Iron made structure looks spectacular, whether at sunrise or sun set, blue skies or heavy cloud. To make the most out of your camera try changing the perspective and camera angles of your shots.

 Egypt – Pyramids of Giza

How could you not visit an ancient wonder of the world if you were a photographer? Well the Pyramids of Giza is the oldest of the seven wonders of the Ancient world and was once the tallest man made structure in the world. If you have been on holiday to Egypt, you will be familiar with this iconic landmark.

By taking a photo of the Pyramids you’ll get amazing texture of the casing stones around the base of the pyramid. If you are able to get a shot of the pyramids at sunset it would look terrific especially with the sun beaming off the glorious yellow sand but make sure you have a tripod to avoid camera shake.

Scotland, Glencoe

Venture through the Scottish highlands of Glencoe, where you’ll find taking landscape photos a dream.  With the different types of terrain your images will have a nice mixture of textures and there’s a whole variety of natural features at Glencoe from rapid rivers to glistening waterfalls to rocky mountain peaks.

Wales – Snowdonia

Snowdonia is a national park based in North Wales open from Monday to Friday 9am till 5pm but don’t forget that Snowdonia is closed on the weekends. Do be sure to take a camera case and water proof clothes as this is of the wettest spots in Wales, but that doesn’t mean to say it will spoil your photography. Snowdonia is in fact a top spot for taking photos of wildlife especially rare birds which are caught flying around the likes of Red Kite so if you’re into wildlife photography it will come in very handy if you grab yourself a telephoto lens and don’t forget to have a high shutter speed if you’re trying to take photos of birds in flight. 

Ibiza – Cala D’Hort

Ibiza is well known for its clubbing superiority being one of the most popular clubbing destinations in the world, but there’s no doubt that Ibiza has some very spectacular beaches to visit with Cala D’Hort being one of them. The beach itself is small yet very popular with a mysterious rocky island only several hundred metres from the shore which makes this beach perfect for a sunset waterscape using the island as a subject in the photo.

 China, Napel and Tibet – Mount Everest

There’s no reason why this wouldn’t make it onto any photographers shortlist stretching across the continent of Asia amongst the Himalayas stands Mount Everest the tallest mountain the world. You’re going to want a wide angle lens which would be absolutely ideal seeing as Mount Everest is so huge you won’t have to stand back as far as you think to take a photo of this magnificent natural feature. You may also want to try taking photos of Everest at sunset putting a unique orangey effect on the mountain.

Canada – Banff National Park

There’s no doubt this National park in the province of Alberta is a must for photographers wanting to view a natural park which has a very unique side to it. Lake Louise is the place where you should go and if turquoise is your favourite colour you’re in for a real treat as the colour of the lake water is exactly that. The lake itself is surrounded by trees and mountains offering a gorgeous waterscape photo with colours jumping out at you, for best results remember to bring your tripod along.

Iceland – Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is geothermal spa which is one of the most visited attractions in Iceland open from 10am till 8pm everyday and with the likes of the Northern Lights there’s no doubt this is a popular holiday destination however you’re not guaranteed to see the Northern Lights or that would have been on this list too. The Blue Lagoon would be ideal for doing misty and mercy portraits and whether it’s a couple or just a family photo the mist will give it a good effect. Waterscapes would also be a cracking idea with the light blue water and mist creating a classy effect on the photos you take.

 Italy – Tuscany, Sienna

Sienna is a unique type of city which is highly attracted to tourists in the region of Tuscany it is well known for its beautiful monuments including the Siena Cathedral a medieval church built back in the 1200’s. Inside the church you’ll see amazing pieces of artistic patterns creating great photographic images with the likes of Mosiac floors or the colourful Piccolomimi library ceiling. In general Sienna is a city where you’ll get plenty of beautiful architecture photos also it’s a very good idea to visit the Tower of Mangia where you could get amazing aerial shots of the city at 87 metres high.

About Author – Bradley Moon is a 20 year old UK resident who loves giving travelling advice and has a real interest for photography. He is constantly building knowledge on different places across the world and gives plenty of advice/tips on photography

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