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A Drive to Mount Kilimanjaro

This mountain named roof of Africa is stunning looking at the upper part and the only highest mountain in Africa continent. Kilimanjaro is positioned on the northeastern side of Tanzania, bordering Kenya. The mountain has rich history dating back to 1889 when a German Hans Meyer (Geographer) first climbed it. The mountain is a dormant volcano, and the uppermost peak ... Read More »

Beach Resorts and Villas for Holiday in Turkey

From the blissful coastline to the mosques and Istanbul’s bazaar, Turkey is awash with natural beauty, culture and outstanding history that has saw a number of tourists visiting some of its major cities. Turkey is a gateway between the east and the west and is bordered by eight different countries. Its capital city, Istanbul is a mixture of eastern and ... Read More »

Venice, a Romantic Destination for all Lovers Out There

Do you want to surprise your girlfriend with a weekend in a romantic city, but don’t know exactly what choosing? Planning on going in your honeymoon and still thinking of the perfect travel destination? You might include Venice (http://www.theguardian.com/travel/2010/feb/14/destination-romance-kate-copstick-venice-italy) on your list, because it’s one of the most romantic travel destinations in the world where millions of lovers express their ... Read More »

Top 10 Places to Get Budget Travel Tips

I love everything about budget travel. I love the experience of it. I love getting better and better at it as time goes on. And I love learning as much as I can about how to save money on traveling by getting advice from people who are even better at it than I am. I get budget travel advice from ... Read More »

8 Good Reasons to Visit Dubai

1- The Gold Souk Dubai is full of glittering gold and if you would like to take a look at some of the finest examples you should head down to the Gold Souk. Here you can find the most amazing gold jewellery and trinkets made from top quality gold. 2- Burj Al Arab This is known as the world’s only ... Read More »

5 Absolute Essentials For a Cross-Country Road Trip

I recently took a cross country trip from Georgia to Idaho. I’ve always taken my road trips on the spur of the moment. This road trip was something I’ve anticipated for awhile, but I didn’t plan it. I never do. I simply decided to drive to Austin to visit my sister, and from there I went to do some sight-seeing ... Read More »

Enjoying the Best of Downtown Kiev

Central Kiev is a truly special place and a great holiday destination. Read on to find some of the gems you can enjoy in the Ukrainian capital. Kiev is undoubtedly all these things and throughout its 1,500 year history it has been many more. These days a further tag can be included in the description of Kiev. The Ukrainian capital ... Read More »

Budapest-A Charming Tourist Destination

Across the romantic Danube River, bounded with the Buda Hills on the west and the Great Plain on the east, Budapest is an awesome weekend destination offering a host of attractions, luxury hotels and refreshing opportunities at pocket-friendly rates. Recognized as one of the most gorgeous cities in Europe, this charming place appeals a huge number of visitors every year. ... Read More »

10 Things To Do In Sydney For Adrenaline Junkies

Australia itself is a heart throbbing tourist spots and get an extra star for Sydney. It is the place of beauty and thrill where the natural glory mixed with the technology and sophistication to provide tourism with full excitement. As a tourist spot Sydney is now highly flourishing as it has an extra taste starting from shopping, night life, adventure, ... Read More »

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