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Niagara Falls: More Than Just Water

This stereotypical honeymoon location is not just for newly married couples anymore. There are so many things to do in and around the area and many places to explore. Village of Lewiston Lewiston is just up Highway 104 from Niagara Falls. It is on the United States side of the Niagara River, and is in Niagara County. It boasts many ... Read More »

Enjoying a Green Safari

Many people think of African safaris as stretching for miles along a lion-colored plain, but according to Travel Africa, there are green safaris that take place during the rainy season and offer a whole different color. In Botswana, the green or rainy season is from December to March, and this is considered the off-season for tourists, but, even though there ... Read More »

Beating the Winter Blues with a Road Trip

You were thrilled when you picked up your brand new car from the local dealership, but winter’s rise only made you park the car away. Don’t let the cold weather force you indoors. Taking a road trip in the winter is a clever way to see the world without spending too much cash or fighting the tourist crowds. Check under ... Read More »

Outdoor Colorado

As one of the most active states in the U.S., Colorado is typically associated with a number of both summer and winter outdoor activities: Summer There are numerous trails along the Front Range that are great for a number of summer activities. Colorado has done a great job building a robust network of bike paths, which runners and bikers can ... Read More »

Marvellous Malta

Malta is a simply wonderful holiday destination. Home to stunning scenery, seas of the deepest blue, a fascinating history that stretches back centuries and some of the best diving in the world, this is a place where there’s something for everyone. Glittering sea You’re never more than a stone’s throw from the Mediterranean on Malta. The beaches may be diminutive, ... Read More »

5 Awesome palaces in Vienna you cannot miss!

Do you want to see with your own eyes how the rulers have lived? Just imagine that you will get the best holidays in Vienne! We offer you to have an exclusive trip and save your money! You wonder how this can be possible. It is so simple! Rent a car and ride to 5 places we have picked up ... Read More »

Water Parks Are the Hot Spot for Summer Fun

When you’re planning where to go and what to do for a vacation this summer, water parks are the place to be. Visitors can snorkel, swim, play with sea creatures, get a great workout and catch some rays without having to spend half a day on an airplane. With so many great options for water parks around the USA, there’s ... Read More »

4 Ways to Network While You’re on Vacation

Have you set your email to auto-reply and packed your bags? You might be ready for your vacation, but what if you run into an extremely promising business contact or former colleague while you’re on the road? You never know when you’ll meet someone important while you’re getting a little rest and relaxation. Don’t get stuck patting your pockets, and ... Read More »

5 Ways To Stay Beautiful While You’re Traveling

Travel allows you to break free from daily routines and make new discoveries. But it can also challenge you with unfamiliar environments.   When it comes to health and beauty care, travel presents a few obstacles. You can’t pack your whole wardrobe, and you’ll have to leave many toiletries behind. But there are still ways to stay beautiful while traveling. ... Read More »

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