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5 Things To Do This Summer on Vancouver Island

butchart gardens

If you are reading this and have no idea where Vancouver Island is, let me help you. Vancouver Island is the farthest point west in the country of Canada. It’s about 62 square miles in size and takes around 9 hours to drive from the southernmost city of Victoria to the northern most town of Port Hardy. I’ve been lucky ... Read More »

Traveling During Pregnancy: Meeting Its Challenges

The various challenges associated with traveling can multiply several folds when you are pregnant. However, nine months might be too long a time not to take a trip. Since, pregnancy is the time when you are most vulnerable to hazards you should take extra precautions while traveling. But fret not! If you are diligent enough to take these measures before ... Read More »

A Beginner’s Guide to Going Camping

There is no better outdoor recreational activity that is more adventurous and exciting than going camping. The participants can include anyone of any age. The participants are more specifically called campers. A tent, caravan, motor home or a cabin may be needed if the campers plan on staying for a while at their camping site. They may even plan on ... Read More »

Travel Advice for Pregnant Women

Ok so pregnancy isn’t the most comfortable time in any woman’s life. There are certain stresses put on the body which can’t be avoided. It doesn’t mean that you can’t live though. In fact getting some time on the beach and relaxing could benefit you. It may be just what the doctor ordered before all those sleepless nights arrive. In ... Read More »

An Evening of Stars at Shakespeare in the Park

This year celebrates 50 years of the well-known Shakespeare in the Park event. The Public Theatre’s Free Shakespeare in the Park event is now one of New York City’s most enjoyed summer traditions. Each year tens of thousands of people from New York and beyond travel to the Delacorte Theatre in Central Park to watch the delights of free Shakespeare ... Read More »

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