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Your Road Trip To-Go List

There are certain things that you should have in your car at all times. And then there are certain things that you should at least have with you when you are going on a road trip. Road trips can be fun, but they are less fun if you don’t have a few things on hand. Safety Items There are many ... Read More »

Tempting fried Chinese wonton

Whenever we feel tired due to our busy schedule and hectic life then we need something to relax ourselves. A platter of good food can really help us a lot in order to gain energy. Every meal involves different kinds of food levels and courses. Firstly we eat starters which generate hunger and then we eat the main course continuing ... Read More »

Turkish delights

Love it or hate it Turkish Delight is a confectionary typically made from starch and sugar. Mmmm sounds delicious. If you’ve tasted the real deal on a cheap holiday to Turkey, you’ll know it’s a little different from the chocolate coated Fry’s Turkish Delight produced by Cadburys.  The real Turkish Delight The Turkish version of this sweet treat is known ... Read More »

Basic Things to Consider When Choosing a Hotel in London

When planning a holiday or trip to London, there is a lot you have to take into consideration. From travel arrangements to booking best London hotels, planning holidays is often a daunting task. But, here are few important tips that you can consider when selecting a suitable hotel in London. These basic things will help you to save more money ... Read More »

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