Cautionary Advice For Working In South Africa

There are many benefits to packing up, jumping ship and flying the roost toSouth Africafor Brits. It is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and has an enticing balance of Western trappings and cultural diversity that can only be found inAfrica. It has also benefited enormously from the work that went into preparations for the FIFA World Cup in 2013 and it now has excellent roads and transport links. And it is even more attractive at the moment when considering that the pound has a strong exchange rate against the rand, something that cannot be said about many global currencies that were friendlier in times gone by. However,South Africais not without its problems, and here is some advice for setting up shop there.


Make no mistake, history casts a long shadow.South Africahas long had a history of violence and while the recent world cup did much to adjust assumptions the fact is that it can still be a very dangerous country for people who do not take the proper precautions. The colonial past and Apartheid are one element and the wealth gap is another and as such it is important to take steps to ensure your safety and enjoyment.


This has left a real scar inSouth Africa’s society and it is visible in the laws and regulations of the country today. Indeed, Apartheid is often seen as the reason for many completely unrelated problems, like the poor performance of athletes at a recent tournament even though they were not provided with adequate equipment, accommodation and so forth – this shows how deep the issue goes. Some are saying that there is no future for white people in the rainbow nation as it is known and, while this may be somewhat of an exaggeration, what it does mean is that the law is weighted in favour of black South African ventures. HoweverSouth Africais a booming country and a prudent British businessman who learns the law and follows it closely can still be successful here.

Visa Selection

South Africahas a mindboggling array of visas on offer for foreigners and choosing the right one will be the difference between your business hitting the ground running, or just hitting the ground. An incorrect application can mean that you will be unable to extend your visa further down the line, and will also make it virtually impossible to buy a house, car or take out a loan. As such it is vital to research properly and speak to experts who can assist you with this consideration.

Workforce Quota

It is important to remember that the government sets a quota on the ratio of white and black South African employees that a company can have. However the country has a well respected education system and there will be skilled staff to suit whatever sector your business sits in. There are also many employment agencies like Contract Retail Services that can provide guidance and staff for any venture.

Author Bio: The author grew up in South Africa in the years surrounding Apartheid and his regular visits back there mean he is well versed in the countries many positives and difficulties. A blogger on African and Middle Eastern socio-economic and political issues, he has been writing for 4 years and the Internet is today saturated with his work.

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