Cheap Holiday Ideas

When arranging a holiday for you and your partners in crime it can sometimes be daunting if you’re lacking in the penny department. That said there are a few solutions out there that can give you the best of both worlds. Here we take a deeper look into cheap holidays and the things you can do on a tight budget.

Hostel Hopping

This type of thing is most ideal for students who are taking a break and want to visit as many places as they can. Hostels are usually far cheaper than hotels and B&B’s due to the shared amenities and the like, but many of them aren’t as dreadful as you might think. Good hostels have cleaners doing the rounds regularly, and many people only use it as a stop off, giving you a few periods of peace and quiet.

Camping Around

If you don’t mind getting back to nature and mucking in then going camping would be a great alternative to flying overseas. Because the land has already been bought out by the owner you are simply paying for the privilege of staying there, as well as basics such as the toilets and bins. Camping is especially sublime in the summertime when the sun is out and the flowers are blossoming. Most if not all towns have at least one camp site, so be sure to have a look.

Package Deals

If you are dead set on having an all out holiday you could always shop around to see what kind of offers you can get. Many companies will do everything they can to get you on the bandwagon, and if you book early enough the tickets are likely to be far cheaper. Deals you might come across include money off, kids go free and even special one-off offers courtesy of the travel provider and certain hotels and parks.

Family Visits

If you have family that live a few miles away in a nice city or town it might be worth seeing if they’ll keep you up for a weekend, or perhaps a whole week. Many people these days opt to spend their days in a different country either because of the weather or maybe just for the culture. Obviously they won’t keep you in their home for free for a week but it would still work out a lot cheaper than other holiday choices.

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