Chianti Villa Accommodation – Experience the Italian Countryside

Chianti, a famous wine region in Tuscany,  is one of the most beautiful region in Italy. Cradled between the towns of Florence and Siena, Chianti features lush-green hills, spectacular vineyards, winding roads and heart-stopping views of nature’s scenery. The region is a gateway to some great culture, architecture and natural sights that merit a visit once and again.

Make It a Base to Explore Other Regions

If you are planning a tour to Italy, don’t miss a visit to this charming and magnificent countryside of the country. In addition to its breathtaking countryside, Chianti is also famous for its delicious cuisines and exclusive wine tasting tours. Villa accommodation in Chianti is the best way to explore the wine region at your pace.

Which Villa Rental Suits You best?

Many villa rental packages in Chianti are comprised of a private cook and maid. So, you can enjoy the local tastes and flavors at your rental home only. This indeed is a great option if you don’t want to invest your time in cleaning and cooking stuff. Rather, you want to make the most of your time in exploring the surrounding tourist attractions. 

However, if you simply want to feel relax and get a complete escape from your busy life, self-catering villas may work great for you. You can relish in a complete privacy and peace of mind. Most of the self-catering villas in the region have luxury amenities like a private pool, a fully-furnished kitchen, internet access, TV, etc. If you don’t want to prepare your meal on own, you may visit the local restaurants or eateries.

The villas in Chianti aren’t just holiday accommodation, but they help you explore the rich culture and traditions of Tuscany. The villas have everything that can make your stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. For any special requirement or anticipation, you may find a reliable villa rental company that offers custom packages to best suit their customers’ needs.

While living in a beautiful Chianti Villa, you may plan your outdoor activities on own and enjoy a great comfort of home away from home. You may hire a rental car or walk on foot to visit the different places. Don’t miss an opportunity to taste a top-quality wine and cuisines in its native and real atmosphere. 

Other attractions

Chianti is densely covered by wineries, olive groves, ancient farmhouses, vegetable gardens, orchards, rolling green hills, historic buildings, terraced slopes, wooden valleys and hilltop cypresses; all these create a never-ending chain of panoramic views that make your trip a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Tour to chianti isn’t all about sightseeing, relaxing, and tasting the local cuisines and world-class wines. But, it is also a wonderful place for active travelers. The hillsides region is a perfect place for hikers. you will find a number of small and conventional style villages on the hillsides.

If you want to experience a farm vacation, stay in one of the farm houses in Chianti region. Ancient farm houses have been restructured in luxury rental villas and apartments. Chianti Villas are ideal for an unforgettable stay in Italy.

So, when your are you flying to Italy? Book your Chianti accommodation online in advance to get the best deal possible.

Author Bio: Martin is a travel enthusiast and and a gourmand. He has made detail research about Chianti Villas and other types of accommodation. He enjoys writing about travel destinations.


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