Choosing Accommodation in Nice – What to Look Out for

Think of a place like Nice and chances are you immediately conjure up images of grandeur, celebrity lifestyles and the kind of holidays that are truly once in a lifetime every single time. From historic markets to the most stunning beaches on Earth and idyllic town and village settings, Nice lives up to the cliché of having something for everyone like few other places that immediately spring to mind.

This is all well and good, but problems begin to surface when the above builds a false sense of security in terms of travellers seeking high-quality accommodation. The prestige of a place doesn’t in any way guarantee that all accommodation options will be of the same calibre and even the most exclusive destinations in the world are by no means free of dives.

So with this in mid, here’s a list of a few considerations to bear in mind when looking to book a hotel or guest house in Nice, without falling prey to one of the less-desirable establishments:

Focus of Description

First up, if you find yourself having to look long and hard into the website to find even the slightest detail of what the hotel has to offer, chances are it doesn’t offer much at all. Be aware of those that insist on banging on about Nice itself and the surroundings without giving you a full rundown of the hotel and its facilities – ideally you should be on a lookout for a balance of both. And it shouldn’t be difficult, as most of the hotels in Nice are in buildings as historic at the town itself.

Stock Photos or Real

Next up, does the accommodation provider offer genuine and up-to-date pictures of the hotels and the rooms on offer, or rely on generic stock photos that don’t show you anything at all? There’s no reason for any provider to avoid displaying multiple pictures of every important area of the hotel – especially the guest rooms – unless they are trying to keep something from you. If so, move on.

Transparent Price Policy

Always an important trait to look out for, as some providers seem to make it nigh-on impossible to know exactly what you’re going to end up paying. It isn’t difficult to offer at least a basic guide which at a glance shows you the room types on offer and their corresponding prices in accordance with seasons. Crucial for avoiding nasty surprises.

Clear Location Details

Next comes the location of the place as “Near the beach” or “On a lively street” could in fact mean “25 minutes by car from the coast” and “Noisy 24-hours a day”. Everyone has his or her own definition of these kinds of descriptors, so be sure to assess the exact pinpoint location of the place before making a booking – they should be happy to provide this.

Guest Recommendations

And finally, in the age of Tripadvisor and all things consumer-focused, there is no excuse for any accommodation not to be stripped bare by way of reviews, write-ups and recommendations. The voice of the people should be the deal-breaker for any proposed booking and shouldn’t be difficult to track down…unless it’s being kept hidden for a reason.


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