Considerations for Repeat Travel on a Budget

While some families pick a new location for their annual vacation, others prefer to visit the same area over and over again. Whether it’s relaxing in the Florida Keys or camping near the Allegheny National Forest, these yearly trips can become the foundation of generations-long traditions. However, in these tight economic times, saving money can be a huge concern. Here are some tips to shave down the expenses if your family takes repeated travels to the same destination.

Book Your Travel Tickets Far in Advance

Waiting until spring comes to buy your travel tickets almost guarantees you will pay a premium. By buying tickets far in advance, you can get rock-bottom prices. Use the Internet to ferret out the best prices, and don’t forget to use any discounts you may be entitled to. Veteran status, AAA membership and other discounts cansave you a bundle on tickets bought in advance.

Consider Your Housing Options

If you usually rent a cabin, a beach house or a hotel suite on your yearly vacations to the same location, you may be better off by investing in the area via a long-term rental or buying a property. If you are not sure which is the better option,a calculator such as this one can help guide your decision. Subletting a rental or leasing out your vacation property when you are not there can be a lucrative source of side income, as well, so it definitely pays to consider all the possibilities.

Make Friends in Your Vacation Location

If your family becomes known as ‘regulars,’ you can save a lot of money on everything from food to entertainment. You may also be shown areas and experiences that most tourists and vacationers never discover, such as the quaint cafe where the locals get their lattes or the little-known hiking trail that offers up scenic views. Don’t be afraid to engage with the locals and create a home away from home. After all, if you keep being drawn back to the same local each year, it makes sense that you will find others who love the place just as much as you do and want to share it with you.

Learn the Rhythms of Your Location

Unless your career requires you to take your vacation at the same time each year, experiment with visiting during off-peak months. Not only can this save you a lot of money on transportation, it will allow you to see a whole new side of your favorite vacation spot. If you love the beach but hate sunburn, why not visit in autumn? While you likely don’t want to visit during the absolute worst season, such as vacationing in Maine in February, you may discover a host of discounts offered when you and your family are among the few visiting at that time.

If your family likes to go back to the same location for vacation each year, these tips will help you save money without sacrificing your rest and relaxation time.

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