Craft Shopping Around the World

During your vacations, your travels, and your adventures as a tourist, there will always be opportunities to shop. There are the classic things that you’ll be spending money on, like food, clothing and lodging, as well as the cash you’ll spend on guided tours and activities. But then, you can add to this list of shopping journeys by thinking of the category of craft shopping. Essentially, this is a way for you to learn about the culture in an area by going to stores that specialize in things like modern art, antiques, or even local craftwork. These types of stores are everywhere, so by focusing on them during your trips you can round out your overall experiences.

Modern Art

Modern art is a very broad category, but you still should be able to recognize these stores when you see them. They could be actual art galleries, where painting and decorations are sold. Or they could be furniture stores, with tables and chairs. Certain modern art stores may sell high-fashion clocks with powerful motors, or custom appliances for different parts of your home or business. The ‘craft’ consideration for some of these places would be a certain level of specificity, as in, you would not be able to find these particular stores as a chain all over the world.

Antique Stores

Antique stores are great places to pick up some culture. Some people travel to places specifically to see their antiques, even! Check out guides for antique shopping to find out if there are any particular stores where you’re headed for your vacation that are worth visiting. Antiques will often make great gifts for other people, as well as potentially being centerpieces for your own home decoration. Once you have the theme of this centerpiece set up, the rest of your home or room decorations will often immediately fall into place.

Local Craftwork

There are tourist trap shops everywhere that sell the same stuff. These are often full of towels, t-shirts, plastic ornaments, and things like that. And then there are local craftwork stores that sell really amazing things that have local flavor. These are typically significantly more expensive, but it’s well worth it to support a local economy and get something created by a true artisan.  Sometimes you also have to go off the beaten path to find these places as well, but by researching certain tourist sites, you’ll be given examples of where to go and how to get there. Sometimes just the journey to find them will be an amazing part of your travel adventure!  And you’ll be happy knowing that you have a custom piece of history, rather than something that anyone, anywhere can buy.

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