Different Types of Japanese Travel Visas for Foreign Tourists

Japan is certainly one of the most sought-after tourist places in Asia. A vacation to Japan is the dream tourist destination for several people worldwide. The nation has a specific fascination for several foreigners owing to its great modern-period business success, distinctive cultural traditions, and its powerful influence on modern popular culture. Irrespective of what the reason is for planning a visit to Japan, it is essential that you possess a visa if you are a foreigner. There are various types of Japanese travel visas for foreign tourists. With respect to a Japan travel visa – or any other kind of visa you may need to enter Japan – here are the three main visa options:


Visa-Free Stay

The first kind is the visa-free stay, also known as temporary visitor’s visa. Though, don’t let this option fool you as it comes with several limitations associated with it. If you want to be eligible for a visa-free stay in Japan, you have to be ready to leave the nation within ninety days after entering. Further, you should have a passport with you upon entry, which will be valid for your entire period of stay. You should also have with you a ticket back out of Japan. This kind of visa is valid only for 15, 30 or 90 days. If you want to change the status of your visa later, you need to leave the country and come back with a new visa.


Working Visa

If you have plans of working during your stay in Japan, you need to get a Working Visa, which is good for one or three years according to Immigration Bureau of Japan. There are several people who enter this country with the idea of getting a job. Any kind of job that lets you earn money as a foreign resident needs a Working Visa.

Japanese Travel Visas

General Visa

If you are planning a travel to Japan for more than ninety days, but do not have any plans of working over there, then you need to apply for a general visa. This is applicable in situations wherein you plan to study or involve yourself in some cultural activities. It could just also be a long stay exceeding ninety days with friends and family. This kind of visa is normally issued for six months or one year for pre-college students, trainees, and cultural activities, one or two years for college students, three or six months or 1/2/3 years for dependents.

Other Visas

Apart from these three main types of travel visas, there are few other types that are specific to particular situations, including Official, Diplomatic, and Specified visas. Though, these are very rare. If you are a diplomatic courier to the country, you will need a Diplomatic Visa, which would be valid only for the mission duration. In the same way, if you work supporting diplomatic endeavors (for ex: working as an administrative or technical employee supporting a diplomat), Official Visa is issued, which is also valid only for the mission duration.

Finally, Specified Visa is needed for people who have married a Japanese citizen so that they can reside legally in the country. Once you get the visa, plan your travel accordingly by seeking assistance from a reputed travel agency like http://www.uniktour.com/fr/voyage-japon .

Author Bio: Immanuel Richardson is a travel agent working for a popular travel agency that organizes trips to various Asian countries like Japan, Thailand, and Malaysia.

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