Egypt’s Small Fun City, Sharm El Sheikh

Egypt is certainly a popular place for tourists to visitas it boasts great weather and plenty of tourist attractions for all types of people. From families to lone travellers, Egypt is one of the most popular places to visit in the Middle East. In particular, the small city of Sharm El Sheikh on the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula has plenty on offer for tourists and is rapidly becoming a favourite of travellers from all over the world. Egypt is mostly known for the Pyramids and tombs of pharaohs past, however, there are other activities that are available to you and your family if you choose to take a trip there. Check out some of the activities listed below and if they interest you, make sure you click on this travel website and book a holiday away in time for the summer!

Historical Cinema

This cinema is like no other cinema you have seen before. The screen is a very big panoramic display that is made up of 9 projectors which are combined together to make one image on a large screen. The film played is a very informative and interesting film about the ancient histories of Egypt and cultures that have passed. It gives great insight on who built the pyramids and temples as well as travelling back past 2000BC till the modern age. Don’t worry if you don’t know the local language, the film comes in a range of languages so you’ll be able to understand what’s being said!

Musical Fountain

Located in Soho Square, this fountain is a great sightseeing attraction for every one of all ages. This water attraction shines different colours and reacts to different musical styles live and is surrounded by plenty of shops and food and drink stalls so you can sit and watch the fountain for as long as you want. If you happen to be travelling to Sharm El Sheikh during the festive period, make sure you check out the fountain as it becomes even more spectacular during the Christmas season.

Ice Bar

Many thought it could not be done, but in 2009, the Middle East had its very own Ice Bar! Yes, Egypt has built a bar completely made of ice in a region that is known to be scorching hot. Everything is made of ice, to the windows to the walls! Finally, you don’t have to have ice in your Jack Daniels and Coke as the glass is made out of ice too! This ice bar, located in Soho square, will certainly be the highlight of your holiday. What better way is there to keep you nice and cool, than to go to an ice bar on the coast of Egypt?!

Hopefully this article has persuaded you to look at taking a holiday away to the beautiful city of Sharm El Sheikh. With all this on offer, and many more great activities available to you, this great region of Egypt truly is a fantastic place to go on holiday to.

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