Enjoy Your Trip to Buenos Aires While Avoiding Travel Hassles

Argentinais a country that attracts millions of tourists from various parts of the world and a lot of them coverBuenos Airesduring their trips. As it is,Buenos Airesis a large city inArgentinathat has more than 12 million residents and plenty of tourist attractions. Its vibrant culture, interesting architecture, and warmth of inhabitants will keep you enchanted. If you plan to visit the city, it is essential that you do some research and plan the cost and other details beforehand. One nice thing aboutBuenos Airesis that the city has retained its traditions despite invasion of technology and changes of modern civilization. Its historical edifices and Tango lure a majority of visitors.

If you hail from the EU countries orJapanandNew Zealand, there is no need for a visa to enterArgentina. You only need a passport. However, you may seek service from any passport expediting agency to get your facts clear on this. People living in theUSA,CanadaandAustralianeed to register for a reciprocity fee to be eligible forArgentinavisit.

It would be a great idea to pay a visit to the vibrant city in November. This is spring time and the jacaranda trees spared in nay parts of the city are found in full bloom. They can be beautiful to look at. It is also in November that International Festival Buenos Aires Jazz takes place.

Buenos Airesserves as the international gateway ofArgentinaand it can be reached from cities in Europe,Australiaas well as theUSA. TheEzeizaInternationalAirportis what most tourists use to reach the city. It is just 35 km from the city. However, you can also choose Aeroparque Jorge Newbery airport which is not much big but nearer toBuenos Airesdowntown area.

There are plenty of things to see and explore inBuenos Aires. The waterfront neighborhood of Puerto Madero is something you should not miss out. It is a modern area with sleek looking towering glass skyscrapers, elite nightclubs and elegant restaurants. If you have penchant for either Tango or football, LA Boca is the region in the city you should visit. The neighborhood has taverns and multi-colored houses and reflects Italian roots.

The significant political landmark of the city, Plaza de Mayo attracts millions of footfalls. It is a place where political activists gather for demonstrations and also houses several important government houses. The classy commercial and residential district of Recoleta lures architecture enthusiasts with its French-style buildings.  It is where you find plenty of coffee shops and landmarks like Del Pilar Church, famous Floralis Genérica- a flower shaped massive steel statue. This is also a destination for shopping addicted visitors. For authenticBuenos Aires cuisines, head toPalermo neighborhood.

The Recoleta area and downtown is where business visitors head to. Here you can get some budget accommodations. In southern part of the city, especially Constitución and Barracas, you can locate dirt cheap lodgings. ThePalermoregion also has a concentration of hotels.

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