Essentials for Business Travel

You might think you’re a pro at traveling on business, but there are some cost-effective solutions you may not know about that would make it even easier. In addition to devices and gadgets, there are travel hacks you’re probably not taking full advantage of.

As you’re aware, travel can be stressful, and it’s important to tap into as many tricks as possible to make it less of an ordeal. If you do it right, you’ll be able to strike a better business-pleasure balance in your life.

First, consider your go-to options for file sharing and storage. You probably keep your important presentations in the cloud, or maybe they’re only stored on your laptop. Getting a quality USB bracelet could give you peace of mind, because you’d know you have a backup literally at your fingertips.

Also include a copy of your passport in your files if you’re traveling abroad, copies of your itinerary, and a cheat sheet about the local language (“Take me to XYZ address” and “Do you take cards?” can be lifesavers).

Kicking back

Different people have different skills when it comes to sleeping on flights. You’ve probably worked on your technique for years, but if you don’t have a sleep mask, you really shouldn’t go without one.

The human body is acclimated to resting in the dark and rejuvenating in the light (even if you consider yourself a 100 percent night owl). Splurge on high-quality pillows, seat cushions, or other accoutrements you can’t live without. You’ll thank yourself en route.

Obviously, short of paying for an upgrade to first or business class, scoring the emergency exit rows is where it’s at. Even if you think you secured it when you booked your flight months ago, your prize seats might be given away at the last minute.

Early check-in (whether online or in person) lets you double-check your sweet spot.

Traveling like a boss

One of the best ways to ensure your hotel comforter is as un-used as possible is to ask for a down alternative. Most people don’t, yet hotels keep them on hand in case of the rare guest who has a severe down allergy.

You’ll also likely get fresh pillows, too. Even though hotels regularly wash sheets, covers, and cases, sweat, dead skin, other bodily fluids, and parasites thrive in unwashed thick pillows and down.

Finally, always check the requirements for baggage number and weight before you fly. They’re constantly changing, and investing in a luggage scale can save you a huge headache.

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