Experience Heaven & Adventure in Kashmir

If there is paradise on earth, it is definitely in Kashmir. Many poets have described this wonderful destination in their creations. Referred beautifully with different names such as ‘Alps of East’, ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ and ‘Paradise on Earth’, Kashmir is the true replica of heaven on earth that offers a breathtaking atmosphere for staying and enlightens the life of the tourists. Cuddled between Pir Panjal and Himalayan Mountain ranges, Kashmir is located in the northernmost part of India. It is known as “Paradise on Earth” not only for its natural beauty but there are several other things that make it a place very similar to heaven. To explore these special things about Kashmir, book cheap domestic air tickets and make unlimited memories.

Adventure tourism is one of those factors that make it the place a heaven. It is one of the major attractions that appeal a number of tourists from all over India. For adventure seekers, an assortment of adventurous options are available that can shower the tourists with the most exciting moments of life. Some of the major places of Kashmir where adventure sports can be enjoyed are Gulmarg, Sonmarg, Pahalgam, Drass, etc. Snowcapped mountain ranges and the garrulous rivers provide several opportunities for enjoying adventure tours in Kashmir. Some popular adventure activities that one can enjoy in Kashmir are Camping, Kayaking, Golf, Fishing, Mountain Climbing, Skiing, Trekking, River Rafting and Paragliding. A trip to Kashmir brings the opportunity of witnessing the handpicked treasures of nature that offer a world of perfect beauty and tranquility. Explore more about the adventurous activities that you will be enjoying being in Kashmir

Mountain Climbing

It is an adventurous sport in Kashmir that is becoming more popular with the increasing number of tourists coming to the Kashmir valley. For mountain climbing in Kashmir, you will have to take permission from the Government of India through the Indian Mountaineering Foundation (IMF).


Fishing is one of the major appeals for tourists of the Kashmir valley. It requires a special permit if you are willing to enjoy this activity. With end of the winter season, a season of fishing starts in Kashmir in which travelers participate with much excitement and fervor.


Golf tourism is one of the key attractions of Kashmir especially in summers. The main season for enjoying golf in Kashmir is between April and November. For playing golf in Kashmir, climate of the city is quite supportive and refreshing. The beautiful shade of the Chinar & Pine trees allows the players playing for long.


Paragliding is one of the most popular aero sports in Kashmir that takes the adventure seekers on a tour of stunning green valleys and splendid mountains of Kashmir. When you look the earth down from the above, the valley appears simply astonishing. Paragliding is one of the latest adventure sports catching up fast in the Kashmir valley.


Skiing in Kashmir is as amazing as a dream becoming realty for any adventure enthusiast. The snowcapped mountains of Kashmir bring the great opportunities for snow skiing. The skiing season in Kashmir starts in December and continues up to April.

River Rafting

Popularly known for a number of charming lakes and rivers, Kashmir brings outstanding opportunities for enjoying the activity of river rafting. The activity recently started in Kashmir. The best season for enjoying river rafting in Kashmir is between August and September.

If you want to explore and understand the mysteries & thrill of nature, Kashmir should be your next holiday destination. So what are you waiting for? Search list of the best flight booking sites in India that offers cheap deals on air tickets and various other travel products for Kashmir.

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