Fashion Tips to Look Slim

Look Slim

Mirror is the first thing that every woman looks now and then. Although aging is a natural process and cannot be halted, but the right kind of clothes can make you look pretty prettier and prettiest. Here are some tips on how to look slim.

Wear Black– Wearing black clothes is one of the conventional ways to look slim. Black hide bulges and covers your flaws. Since the dawn of fashion black is called as a slimming color. But beware of the fact that not everything that is black is perfect for your figure. If the garment is fitted tightly or it has frills or poofs, then it can actually make you look plus sized. So, the neat trick is to combine the right color with the right fit.

In the similar vein, you should avoid clothes that are illfitted for instance, a tight blouse will not make you look thin rather it will make you look uncomfortable and it will create an unusual bulge. At the same time, don’t wear baggy clothes, as it will create a tent image or simply it will make you look bulky and heavy. Baggy clothing is not the perfect way to look thinner. Instead, you should select the clothes that are a perfect match for your size.

Straight Dresses are Strict No No– If you really want to look thin and slim, then it is  essential not to wear extremely straight dress. But at the same time dresses with no particular shape can make you look heavy. So, the neat idea to buy a dress with a tapered waist or use belts and sashes to create a shape. Don’t wear the clothes with a tight waist; rather wear clothes that help you to flaunt your curves.

Even you can go to a good tailor and ask her to add tucks, pleats and do other adjustments that make you look slimmer.

Say No to Horizontal Stripes–  Stripes is not too bad, but wide or bold colored stripes can make you look bulky and short. So, if you are an ardent fan of stripes, then try wearing delicate pin stripes or vertical stripes. It will create a false delusion.

Wear Clothes that blend rather than Contrast- The next tip is to wear clothes that blends well rather than contrast.  For instance, a yellow top and a pink bottom will create a striking contrast and it would accentuate the waist and the whole body.

The neat idea is to wear two hues of pink, it would look less striking and through this you can highlight your assets instead of flaws.

Add Wedges– Heels bring in good posture and helps you to look slim. When you wear the right kind of heels, your posture and leg shape change automatically. If you’re wearing flat sandal then you’re not accentuating your assets.

If you’re not comfortable with the height, go for a small wedge or opt for chunky heels to look slim and thin. Wear wedges with knee length skirts and dresses.

Opt for Heavier Fabric- If you want to look slim then fabrics like acrylic should be avoided at all cost. The neat idea is to avoid light or cheap materials. These materials cling to the body and accentuate the problem areas.

Instead go for heavier fabrics like cotton or tweed that provide a polished look. Be clear of elastic bottom shirts that emphasize your midsection, especially if you have a pear shaped body.

Include the Shapewear– If you really want to look slim, then opt for a shapewear. The shapewear holds everything intact and gives you an hourglass figure. Above all, the clothes fit better because your problem areas are not underneath.

For women, it is necessary to wear a bra and undergarments that fit well and tightens the body shape. Thus, wearing a good shapewear make the dresses look better and more flattering.

Last but not the least; quit higher necklines, unless and untill your neck is thin and stretched. It is in your best interest to opt for styles that add streamlined look. The most amazing necklines are V necks and cowl necks because they make you look slim.

Thus, by incorporating below mentioned tips in your daily routine you look chic and slim.

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