What makes the perfect holiday? It’s a difficult question to answer isn’t it? You hear several people rave about a certain location and therefore you decide to visit there as well. Unfortunately you don’t enjoy your stay. Why is this so?

A lot of the time this is because people fail to research. Not every location is exciting 365 days of the year. Not every hotel or cottage in the area is going to be up to your particular standards either. Prior to booking your getaway you should unearth what is going on in the area and where the best place to stay is. By doing this you will give yourself the best possible chance of having an incredible holiday. On balance, thrilling festive events coupled with relaxing and inviting accommodation equals the perfect holiday recipe.

It is likely that you have a place in mind that you would like to visit. Let’s say that you have decided to spend a week in the budding Sussex-based city of Brighton. A lot of people will decide on their location and then simply pick any month that suits them to visit the area. However, there are numerous festive events that take place in Brighton (and any other city) during various times of the year and you may find yourself missing out.

When dealing with Brighton in particular there are some months throughout the year that draw many tourists because of the events taking place. August is a popular month because Gay Pride takes place. May attracts many people because of the Brighton Festival – this is the city’s annual arts festival. Many would deem these two months to be the best time to visit the city. The entire month of May is filled with fantastic arts events, theatre shows, galleries, and alike. If you don’t do your research then you would not be aware of this and you would miss out on all of the fun.

Once you have determined the best time to visit the town or city you wish to go to, you then need to sort out your accommodation. There are lots of diverse forms of accommodation nowadays. You can choose between the likes of; hotels, B&Bs, cottages, and hostels. Where you stay depends on what you want from your experience.

Cottages are becoming more and more popular because they allow people to reside in a place steeped in character. You also benefit from good rates, stunning locations, breath taking scenery, and flexibility. Nevertheless, there are individuals who prefer the hotel experience. This all depends on you.

Then again, no matter what type of accommodation you are seeking, you need to make sure it suits your wants. Do as much research as possible; read reviews left by others, determine what places are in walking distance to you, find out about the nearby public transport, and unearth what facilities are available.

If you take the time and the effort to source out the best accommodation whilst ensuring you take advantage of some great festive events then there is little chance your holiday will be a poor one. Don’t make the mistake that many others have before you; if you don’t do your research then you will live to regret it.

Author bio: Kate Smith has a good understanding of the tourism industry as a whole and prefers writing on related areas. You can even gather information about various festivals and Holiday cottages in Brighton.

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