Fiji Island: The Real Castaway Island

Whilst the Caribbean has long been a haven for people who seek out white golden sandy beaches, crystal clear waters sprinkled with palm trees, Fiji has long fallen by the wayside.

There are two main island Viti Levu and Vanua Levu and whilst these aren’t much to write home about in terms of beaches, you can easily access the other islands which make up Fiji by boat or helicopter, depending on your transports preferences.

Fiji comprises an archipelago of 333 islands of which only 110 are permanently inhabited.  With that many islands to choose from, it can seem a little daunting. At Tried & Travelled, we have chosen to focus on one of our favourites of all the island, the real-life Castaway Life – think Robinson Crusoe territory, golden sandy beaches, warm, clear blue water and stunning vegetation and you can’t go far wrong .

What sets Fiji apart from any other place I have been to are the warm, friendly and welcoming people.  If you fly Fijian Airways you will be aware of their warmth even before you are on terra firma.  The air stewards and stewardesses all wear brightly coloured hawaiian style shirts and flower leis.  The vibrancy and vivaciousness does not just stop at their clothes.  Fijians have an innate positivity and liveliness and they greet everyone with Bula! (their equivalent of Hello).

If you are in need of some much needed R and R and want guaranteed sunshine and cool pristine waters, then Castaway island is the perfect spot.  This stunning award-winning island is a hidden gem of the South pacific, a private island escape, rich in lush vegetation, spectacular marine life and white sand beaches.

The accommodation is luxurious, stylish and serene.  Featuring a number of lavish bures (or wood and straw beach huts), this simple yet sophisticated accommodation will ensure that your stay is as comfortable as possible.  The bures are spacious and well-maintained.  They vary in size and can house large family groups or couples.

Castaway is an idyllic place for a honeymoon or great if you are on the backpacker trail and fancy a touch of affordable luxury.  Meanwhile, Fijian food is fresh and delicious – think exquisite local cuisine including freshly caught fish and seafood, magnificent tropical fruits and salads.

If you are a fan of diving and snorkelling, Fiji, particularly Castaway boasts a stunning underwater ecosystem. The magnificent marine life will leave you enthralled for hours whilst the lush vegetation is great for exploring.

Fiji is perfect for escaping the hustle and bustle of everyday city life.  It is calm, relaxed and has something for everyone including the beach lover, sun worshipper and activity junkie.  Just a short boat, seaplane or helicopter ride away, this exotic, tropical paradise is perfect for tranquility and solitude – you really will feel as though you are on your own castaway island.

Author Bio: Rebecca is an avid travel writer who frequently writes about her latest adventures.  She is writing on behalf of  Tried and Travelled.

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