Finding the Best Car Seat

In the quest for finding the perfect protector of your baby when you travel, there are some things that you
have to consider to be able to find the perfect one for your child. This is a very crucial decision, and it only takes a weak buckle to throw the life of your kid away. Below are some helpful tips for you to use.

Position is everything – For newborns, there are two options for their positions and they are the rear-facing and the convertible which you can actually change from a rear-facing position into a front-facing one. Because of its flexibility, it is more practical to buy the convertible one because it is something that your kid can use from his early months until toddlerhood. Safety wise, you can definitely trust it with your kid.

However, the downside is that you can’t take it in and out of the car like you can with an infant seat. This is something you might want to consider because there is great comfort in the ability to move a baby in an infant car seat is a big convenience. If you decide to get one, it would be practical to buy a complete travel system that contains an infant seat and stroller that are bundled with a discounted price and can be found in the stroller aisle.

Check the Standards – You would like nothing but the best for your child and the biggest assurance you can get would be the ratings and the feedback you could get from friends and relatives. The internet is also a great source of information for experiences and what to watch out for that you will not find with ratings from the reputable organizations. If you are scrimping, it is still better to get a brand new and never a second hand unit. You will never know what the seat has been through until you experience it yourself and you don’t want to put your child in that situation.

Go for the 5-point Harness – Always go for convertibles that have a five-point harness because it completely protects the body of your baby with 5 straps that are devoted to the important parts (two for both shoulders, two for both legs and one that goes between the legs). As such, it provides side-impact protection by including extra foam or air pads to secure your baby’s head. It’s also Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children (LATCH) compatible, which mean that you can attach the car seat directly to the vehicle and makes installation easier.

Premium is good – For those with the budget, you can buy one that is over $200 with additional features like having an anti-rebound bar found at the foot of the seat. This is very helpful because it helps keep your baby still during a crash. Some would also have softer fabrics and other nifty accessories.

Now finding the best car seat for your baby is easy if you follow these guidelines. You can now give optimum protection to your baby at all times.

Author bio:

Sherry is a new mother who loves to travel with her 6 months old daughter. She runs a website with her friend to help parents to choose the best convertible car seat for their babies.

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