Fitting Your Towbar

If you need to be traveling with a larger load on a regular basis, you should think about getting a tow bar fitted. But how do you go about this.

By the safest way to go about this business is to get it fitted by a professional. I would recommend finding a towbar fitting specialist, who will have the knowhow to assess the exact needs of your car. The benefit of getting it fitted by a professional is the range of benefits that are likely to be included. Benefits such as a lifetime guarantee, a 12 month guarantee on towbar wiring and components, and bars independently assessed to be the best option for your car. And there are many specialists all over the country, so it is unlikely you will struggle to find one.

If getting to a specialist is a problem, or if money is an issue, doing it yourself is also possible. If this is the case, you will need to clear your boot and bring up the interior as you will likely find mounting points in your boot. You will then need to bolt the bar to the cars chassis. You may also need to slightly alter the bumper positioning, but this is less likely. The most important thing is that you bolt it in as securely as possible, and buy the towbar from a reputable company, so you know you have a good quality, strong bar.

Once fitted, it is imperative that you maintain the bar properly. Check it and service it on a regular basis, because a poorly maintained towbar can cause many accidents.

And these bars aren’t just for towing – they can also be used to attach tow bar mounted bike racks to your car. Now, in this day and age, your bike is probably much more expensive, and it makes so much more sense to secure it safely to your car – the last thing you want is it falling off and being crushed as it gets run over by a driver that wasn’t expecting it.

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