Five of the Most Popular Tourist Attractions in Dublin

What draws travelers to visit Dublin? Dublin appeals to a lot of travelers since it really has a lot to offer its visitors which is a good thing since different people will prefer different things. Families, groups of friends, and solo travelers can always find activities and sights to see that will make their trip to the capital of the Emerald Isle truly worth it.

This global city is considered one of the top 30 cities in the world. The fact that it is also a center for culture, administration, economy, industry, and the arts adds to its appeal as a tourist destination as well.

Now, what do most people enjoy seeing in Dublin? Here are five of the most popular tourist attractions in this city. For those who do not know, there are several ways to see the sights in the city. Aside from the usual bus tours, folks have the option to walk, bike, or cruise along the River Liffy to see the sights of the city.

Gaelic Games

While in Ireland, do what the Irish do… playing Gaelic games is part of the fun and cultural immersion. These games are unique to the Irish folk. These games are perfect for those traveling in groups as they can enjoy some friendly competition with each other.

Those flying solo can still get their fix at the local stadium. Those that do not really wish to play can still take the Croke Park Stadium tour and see what Gaelic games are all about.


Glasnevin Cemetery Museum will be a unique walk in history as one walks by the graves of prominent Irish people. Any history buff will definitely have a great time visiting this cemetery museum. Those who are familiar with James Joyce’s Ulysses will also know that the funeral scene takes place in this particular spot.

The National Print Museum of Ireland and National Library of Ireland might appeal to those who love literature. There are a lot of prominent literary figures that come from this country and their works can be seen in those places.Other notable museums to visit will include KilmainhamGaol, National Museum of Ireland, and the Little Museum of Dublin.


Not a lot of folks know that Dublin has more green spaces per square kilometer than any other capital city in Europe. Majority of that green space is because of the city’s parks.

There are a lot of park areas within the city. However, the most notable ones worth visiting include St. Stephen’s Green, Herbert Park, and Phoenix Park. Families can have a fun visiting Phoenix Park especially if they have young kids. The Dublin Zoo is located in that park.

Abbey Theatre

For those that appreciate theatre and dramatic productions, the Abbey Theatre should be part of that “to do list.” Of course, folks can always buy the ticket in advance to make sure that they get good seats.

The Abbey Theatre is the home of Irish drama. So, expect to see the work of some Irish playwrights come to life in this theatre. Sometimes, they feature good old Shakespearean plays too.

The Craic

Most folks visit Ireland for the good old Irish craic at traditional Irish pubs. Craic means fun. An evening of fun can be achieved by learning how to dance the Irish jig or simply watching a traditional Irish music session at one of the local pubs.

Those who are of legal age can even get a taste of all those Irish beers that are famous all over the world. Guinness was and is still brewed at the St. James’ Gate Brewery since 1759. Other Irish beers worth trying will include Harp, Kilkenny Irish Cream Ale, Murphy’s, and Smithwick’s.

Those are just five attractions that appeal to many tourists. Make sure to make the most out of that trip and experience what this city has to offer.

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