Flats Fishing Key West with Guide Eric Ryan

guide with bonefish

Whether fly fishing or spin casting, fishing the flats of the Florida Keys and Key West is pure excitement! Most anglers, even those with great experience, will hire a guide when fishing the southernmost waters. A guide like Eric Ryan knows the back country waters like the back of his hand.

Eric Ryan an extremely professional in this area can help you be quick in learning and applying techniques and principles while fishing. You can expect a marginal result if you are starting your journey under his shelter. Key West is a renowned area for fishing for thousands of years. There are many remarkable history and anecdotes existing about it. If you hear about this place for the first time now, do not worry, you can experience amazing fishing arrangement near this area while unlimited fishers get their busy hours behind fishing. Just you need to look for learning and then doing something meaningful. Eric Ryan enjoys both the opportunity to fish with the seasoned angler or to introduce a beginner to this challenging style of sport fishing. Beginners can search flats fishing tips to find some helpful tips.

The Key West Florida fishing is not only an adventure of your life, but it is also a profitable voyage of your life. Do not underestimate the hazard involved in fishing at all time. Taking a little attempt may cost your time, energy, money, and if there is misfortune even it threatens your life. However, an expert like Eric Ryan can always be a hope for anybody since he is well aware of all dangers that usually appear across the sea. So, how much are you interested in doing that with this fishing legend? If you are positive, the remaining episode is certainly with you. And now you can go for flat fishing key west with Eric Ryan, the flats fishing guide in Key West .

Here we are with some common items of sea fish described below which you will avail with flat fishing key west with guide Eric Ryan:


guide with bonefish

Bonefish is an amazing species under the sea. They are targeted by most of the fishers. Bonefish is covered with micro scales which look like the mirror and glistening even under the water. The color is truly grey, but sometime the photograph of it seems to be silver colored. They are extremely delicious and are fishes of choice. It is not so easy to catch Bonefish unless the fisher uses some stealthy traps.

Tarpon Fish

leaping tarpon

Tarpon is a giant sized fish and needs the fisherman to keep up with all his strength while fishing. A Baby tarpon is about 10 Pounds while the mature one is about over hundred pounds. They are usually caught with 10 pounds to 20 pounds spinning tackles. They may consume 20 minutes to 2 hours to be caught within these traps. Their aerial performance is remarkable and you should keep your eyes on that during the fishing hours.

Permit Fish

permit by the tail

These are comparatively very tough. They need to be caught by light spinning rod with a reel capacity of one hundred or more and at least ten pounds test line. You may need to spend 50 to 80 minutes to get a Permit caught from the warm water. Permit is always on the move and you need to act fast with maximum accuracy. So, don’t be late being with flat fishing key west with guide Eric Ryan to get such a magnificent and delicious fish!


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