Food Adventure: Five Foods To Try When You Are In Burnaby!

When you are in Burnaby, there are a lot of things you can consider. To experience the culture and food tradition of the city, you must taste its cuisines. The foods of Burnaby offer an exotic taste to the visitors that show the rich cultural background. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes can be enjoyed in the restaurants of the city. It’s not difficult to find a fine restaurant in the city as the place is famous around the world for its foods.

From unique breads that add spices to street foods, Burnaby offers affluent food options. If you are on food adventure trip, this piece of writing must be helpful for you. Let’s start food adventure with the most celebrated dishes in Burnaby. Here are five famous food of Burnaby that you must try.

Fish Cake

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The first thing you must try while being at Burnaby is Fish Cake. Fish cake if selected from the menu means you have made a good selection and it is less expensive than most of its competition. This classic dish can be eaten in breakfast, lunch or dinner. The fish cakes of this city are very tasty as compared to other fish cake recipes of the world. The dish can be served with or without rice, and accompanied with several chili sauces, fresh coriander, chopped cucumber and a squeeze of lime juice. The blend of all the sauces makes the dish simply delicious. Doesn’t matter from which part of the world you belong; you will surely fall in love with the dish.

European Charcuterie Platter

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The word ‘Charcuterie’ has hid a culinary art of France. The food historians know that the word reflects French culinary art of 15th century. Smoked and cured meats Charcuterie platters come with an assortment of condiments and fresh-baked breads.  The restaurants of Burnaby offer perfect sliced and thin platters that let a foodie to taste every single bit of this sweet and salty dish. This is best eaten when you are really hungry or when you badly need that energy to keep going on your trip to Barnaby. 

Roast Lamb

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Doesn’t matter which season is in the air, if you are aware with the taste of roast lamb, you will never waste a second to munch this food. The British classic dish is so tasty and yummy. The dish is quite meaningful even without rice or anything else. After eating the dish, you will find that you had never had it done this way before. The dish is not too spicy but the ingredients give it a very good twist. As the dish is liked by several people, you will find it anywhere in Burnaby streets.

Chicken Tikka

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From decades, Indian cuisines are tantalizing the sweet tooth of food lovers. There are so many dishes of Indian culinary art that are famous around the world and ‘Chicken Tikka’ is one of them. The word Tikka means bits, pieces or chunks. Chicken Tikka is a delicious dish in which chicken chunks are marinated in special spices and then grilles on skewers. Various types of ingredients are used to cook the dish. Tomato and juices add tantalizing flavors in the dish. This dish is among India’s most popular dishes. In Burnaby, restaurants like Agra Tandoori Restaurant and Himalayan Peak offer this food to their customers.

Gluten Free Dough Pizza

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You must be thinking that why you should try Gluten free pizza if there is option of normal pizzas! As gluten free diet is suggested to those, who are allergic to gluten, but how would you say no if the pizza is fulfilling your requirement! Restaurant like Pizza Pizzeria in Burnaby offers gluten free pizza to its customers. The best thing about the pizza is that the hand tossed pizza delivers superior quality with great taste. Apart from this, the restaurant offers several other types of Indian dishes that a visitor can enjoy.

These are some of the dishes that you can try when you are in Burnaby. You can really take your pick from a dish of choice, assorted ingredients. Apart from that, there are several other types of dishes whose taste can be experienced. From Thai to Chinese to Indian to Continental, you can taste anything you wish to.

So, pack you bag and get ready to explore the diverse and rich food culture of Burnaby. Surely, you will get the memories that will live with you for lifetime.

About Author: Yeesh Kalra is the writer of this piece of writing. He has vast experience in making various types of Pizzas. Presently, he works with Pizza Pizzeria and is well trained in making gluten free pizza.

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