Fortinet Certified Network Security Administrator

Fortinet is the American 534m$ enterprise which deals in Networking Security solutions, it targets every type of company and has more than 1900 employees with 150,000+ customers. It provides three certifications which verify the advance usage knowledge of Fortinet security products, FCSNA, FCSNP and FCESP Exam, named as Fortinet Certified Security Network Administrator, Fortinet Certified Security Network Professional and Fortinet Certified Email Security Professional.


The Certifications from Fortinet provide the person opportunity to create a better C.V. and stand unique in job hunt, the organizations needs security professionals and if it’s a professional from the Vendor Company, what more they would need?

The Certificates of FCNSA and FCNSP are related in manner that both are related to network but FCESP stands unique among them as it deals with Emails.

Fortinet Certified Network Security Administrator (FCNSA)

The FCNSA Exam deals with the day to day knowledge of Networking and to pass the exam one must have hands on experience of Fortinet devices.

Topics to be Covered

The course to pass the examination includes the Fortinet device administration (upgrading, downgrading and settings); Introduction to Unified Threat Management; the logging of Storage locations, types of logging and subtypes, their behaviour and structure, traffic log, viewing log and event logging, SNMP , log monitoring and Customizing Status Widgets (GUI); determination of Firewall Policies, its type, subtypes and configuration of actions in firewall, firewall addressing and service objects, device identification, Network Address Translation, NAT Dynamic IP Pool, source NAT IP address and port, Fixed NAT, Virtual IPs, end point control, monitoring of polices and determination of right policies; authorization policies and its configuration including Local User Authentication and its groups, user Authentication via Remote Server, Identity-Based Policies and password polices, authentication via Two-Factors; knowledge of VPNs, FortiGate VPNs, SSL VPN’s their Authentication and their certificates and their Configuration, Tunnelling and Spit-Tunnelling its connection, Client Port Forward and Client check, Access modes; IPSec VPN, its Determination, its modes, topologies, its monitoring and Configuration; Implementation of Antivirus, Scanning order and scanning modes, Virus databases and known and unknown viruses, Antivirus Profiles and Logging; Email Filtering as Email Filtering Order of Operations (STMP & POP), MIME header check, FortiGuard IP and FortiGuard Email Filtering Options and Email filtering profiles; Web filtering on basics of its types, Web Content Filtering, Web URL filtering, Enforced Safe Search and Web Filter Profiles and their activation are the topics required to become a Fortinet Certified Network Security Administrator.

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