Fundraising Whilst You Travel

Do you love a challenge and want to give something back? Is it your dream to take on one of the globe’s greatest missions and live to tell the tale? Then you might want to consider collecting money for charity in one of the most exhilarating ways possible and combine your next foray abroad with some serious fundraising. Read on for some of the best treks, trips and travel experiences out there and get inspired.

If you have always wanted to see Asia, why not take up one of its famous cycling treks? If you love to get on your bike and get moving, do so in one of the most beautiful scenic routes on the planet and make money for a good cause whilst you pedal. Find a reputable company and you can form or join a group, or perhaps tour independently with a good map and some nous. Tour your way down the famous National Highway One from the top of Vietnam to the bottom or complete the Vietnam to Cambodia cycle challenge from Saigon to the temples of Angkor Wat. Check online for the reputable companies taking on charity cyclists.

Turn up the heat even more with a trek through India on horseback to raise cash. In the name of your chosen charity you could ride across Rajasthan and see the views from your trusty steed. Horse lovers will like this one as you need to be somewhat able to ride. If you fancy making it a real challenge, take up lessons before you go.

An eye-catching idea undertaken by many an intrepid explorer is to conquer a mountain or two. Scale up to the Everest base camp or climb Kilimanjaro, hike across the Pyrenees or even try the Three Peaks Challenge right here at home in the UK. You’re bound to attract sponsors with a gruelling trip skywards, especially if you make it an overnight or a week long trek. Adapting your challenge to your fitness level and aspirations is crucial and you can take your pick of the world’s peaks to find one which suits you best.

If the concept of the tropics or the desert sand is just a little too much for you, try a marathon somewhere in Europe or Stateside. The New York Marathon is an unforgettable experience and running in Berlin or Paris could be the highlight of your year and gear up extra cash for your chosen cause. Fundraising abroad can be what you want it to be, from extreme conditions to the simple idea of doing something challenging and new.

There are loads of helpful tips and supporting funds online for charity fundraisers. Airlines like Virgin have a pot of cash for low-cost flights out to your destination and you can do most of your marketing on the Web these days. You can set up your JustGiving page in no time and post blogged updates of your progress to keep people interested and most importantly, investing in your trip. Plan ahead and use as many resources as possible to create visibility and interest in what you are doing and you can’t go far wrong.


About the author: Gillian Thorpe blogs for Holiday Gems. When she’s not writing about travelling the world, she enjoys photography and volunteering for a number of local charities.


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