Getting away from it all: Relaxing breaks in the UK

Britain is the perfect place to get away from the trials and tribulations of everyday life. With rolling green hills, gorgeously blustery beaches and fantastically curranty scones, you’d be hard pushed to find better stress relief the world over!

Perfectly Rural Idylls

We’re British. Green pastures are practically what we do. Find sanctuary in a countryside paradise. The Yorkshire Dales, the Lake District and the Cotswolds all boast some of the freshest air and greenest grass the UK has to offer.
If you’re a wi-fi junkie, then think twice before wandering in to the unknown though. The frustrating lack of signal is enough to drive any businessman potty. But the abundance of farm animals might just make up for it. Think plenty of sheep and cows. Just look out for the bull fields…

Blighty’s Beach Havens

Life’s a beach, and we Brits love our seaside holidays. If the weather plays ball, we love nothing more than stretching out on a deck chair, burying our toes in the sand and indulging in a Mr Whippy ice cream cone.
If the skies turn on us, we’ll never let a wet weekend ruin our fun though. Now’s the best time to take a trip to the chippy! Treat yourself to a portion of our world famous cod’n’chips to brighten up your day. Make sure it’s wrapped in yesterday’s newspaper and shelter under the pier for an authentic British seaside experience.
The fresh, salty air is what’s relaxing here. There’s nothing better to get rid of the cobwebs than a quick stroll along a blustery promenade.

Indulge in a Spa break

Ok, so country walks and seaside strolls are a little bit too demanding for you. We get it, you actually want to relax…
Take a drive in to the country and you’d be hard pushed not to find a spa hotel with a stately name.
Soak your weary muscles in a Jacuzzi, unwind in an aromatherapy sauna or pay somebody else to massage your cares away for you.
The perfect way to take some time out from the world. Pull on your fluffy robe and leave stress at the door…

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