Getting ready to set sail on the high seas


An article exploring the possibilities presented by a sailing or yachting holiday and what to look for before you book.

Watching the world go by, perhaps enjoying a drink at the water’s edge; at some point, most of us will have looked on with envy as we see boats and yachts drifting by, with relaxed passengers soaking up the sun and occasionally waving at us land-dwellers. And we’ve all wished that we could be that person, be on that boat or yacht, be enjoying that type of holiday. If you’ve always thought this type of holiday is out of reach, then think again. Yachting holidays can be as reasonable as taking a cruise, but with the added advantage of privacy on board.

Seasoned sailors who have taken to the seas many times before will no doubt relish the idea of skippering their own boat and if this is you then you will be able to charter your own yacht or boat and set sail to any destination you choose. Explore the Caribbean, enjoy the Mediterranean or set your sights a little further and take a journey around the Far East.

The indulgent option…
Most yachts and powerboats offer the ultimate in luxury accommodation, with spacious cabins and en-suite bathrooms. This isn’t slumming it; this is like being on board a floating hotel, with everything you could want on board. If you have never sailed before, or you fancy having a complete break, then most yacht companies will offer you the choice of taking a skipper along. This will give you added reassurance whilst you’re on board. If you are a complete novice then you will probably want your skipper there the whole time to guide you, while if you are more accomplished, then perhaps you just need somebody to show you the ropes for a few days. Either way, unless you’re very practised, then it’s a good idea to have a professional on board for a while   don’t forget, they will also have superb knowledge of the best places to visit.

If you want all-out luxury and to not even lift a finger, then you can hire a boat that comes with a full crew attached. Perhaps you do enough cooking and cleaning in your everyday lives and just want to shrug off some of the burden on holiday. Or maybe you just fancy being waited on hand and foot and living the high life for a week or two. You can enjoy bar service, full catering, entertainment and a choice of luxury destinations, all within the privacy of your own party. Many people also like to enjoy some watersports whilst they are sailing and most yachts will come stocked with watersports equipment.

Everyday life can sometimes be a bit humdrum, with work, finances, children and chores taking over our days and leaving little room for relaxation. Choosing to take a holiday on the seas is perhaps the furthest from the routine that you can ever get.

And don’t forget to wave when you see people enviously watching you from the shore…

Jim Mason is a seasoned traveller and sailor who has visited destinations all over the world. He has written this piece on behalf of

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