High-Tech Hotels You Should Book at Least Once

Robots that you store your luggage, an iPhone instead of a room key or sensors that detect your body temperature and adjusts the heat in the room depending on it. No, it’s not the future, but the present. Whether you are a picky tourist or not, some hoteliers have realized that they must make the most of technology, if they want their accommodation units to stand apart from the majority on the market. Here are some of the most high-tech hotels in the world you should consider when trying to find the perfect accommodation for when you travel.

Hotel QT Sydney in Australia

Features: elevator music that changes depending on the number of passengers

The elevator of this hotel is truly a particular one: it detects the number of people who got into it and play a piece based on this. So if you are the only one in the elevator, you will certainly get in a good mood when you hear Elvis Presley’s hit “Are You Lonesome Tonight”, and if this number increases by one, it will chance the song to “Just the Two of Us” by Bill Withers.

The Peninsula Hotel in Tokyo

Features: automated mechanism to mute the TV when the telephone rings

Besides the many room facilities, the toilets have a nail dryer, an accessory rarely included in a vacation package. Just enough to make women consider the Peninsula Hotel a perfect option for accommodation. And that is not all: the TV even goes mute when the phone in the room rings.

Hotel Sax in Chicago

Features: free laptops for everybody

The fact that the guests of this hotel receive a laptop and a Zune MP3 player for use during their stay is reason enough for them to consider it the perfect accommodation while in Chicago.

Hotel 1000 in Seattle

Features: motion detectors that tell the maids whether you are in the room or not

Besides the innovative technology that makes the water flow from the ceiling when you enter the shower room, the rooms of this hotel have a system capable of detecting movement inside and send maids a signal that someone is in the room and it is not necessary to enter and clean it.

Hotel Yotel in USA

Features: robot that stores your luggage

Meet Yotel, the robot. The guests of this hotel can see how Yotel, the robot of a hotel located in New York, deposits bags. In addition, the rooms are soundproof and they have moving beds to save space, and the air conditioning is activated by motion sensors. Besides, the restaurant also features adjustable height for the tables, through the simple push of a button. Yotel is truly a spectacle of technology.

Hotel Blow Up Hall 50 50 in Poland

Features: iPhone which opens and closes the door to the room

The novelty of this hotel is that there aren’t any numbers on the room doors. The guests will use an iPhone received at the beginning of their stay, in order to locate and enter their rooms. The smartphone uses digital technology to open the doors and acts as an information brochure for other hotel facilities.


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