Hill Stations in India Provide Irresistible Outdoor Adventure for Your Travel

Tourists from different parts of the globe flock to India to witness extraordinary tours and attractions. The country is home to Islam, Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism and Christianity. In order to explore Indian places, you can avail of tour packages in the country and get necessary information from knowledgeable and expert travel agents.

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Hill stations in India are popular for their amazing cool air and scenery. They are situated at an altitude that ranges from 1000m to 2500 and elevated from adjacent plains and valleys. Such retreats provide a lot of outdoor adventure activities for your family.

Trekking, mountaineering, skiing, kayaking, paragliding, climbing and mountain biking are among the things that you can do while you visit India’s hill stations. The various hill stations found in North India provide the best retreat if you want to have an adventure holiday, relations and quality time with your friends or families as you travel India.

Discover Why Shimla was Considered as Queen of Hill Stations

Majority of these hill stations are found in the north of the country. Shimla is one of the most famous hill stations in India found on the hilltop of the Himalayas’ foothill. The British Empire rediscovered and developed the capital in 1819. Its colonial charm has made him the queen of hill stations the British India’s summer capital. This place is dotted with religious spots and temples.

Manali is your Way to the Little Tibet

Manali showcases deep gorges, snow-shrouded mountains and religious pilgrimages. It features Buddhist monasteries, Hindu temples and bright gompas. Its highlights include the Arjun Cave, sulfur springs and waterfalls as well as adventure pursuits like mountaineering, skiing, kayaking and trekking. You can also visit Vashisht or Old Manali for an ensured serene setting.

Make Your Way to the Charming Capital of Chamba

This capital claims its popularity to its festivals and temples. These festivals include Minjar, a harvest festival in July and Sui Mata festival which honors the memory of a princess in April. Chamba had been able to survive almost 1000 years until the British took it in 1845. The capital has been popular for its snow ranges that are well-defined.

Do Not Miss a Visit to Mount Abu

This hill station is the only one that you can find in Rajasthan. This green oasis is composed of spectacular collection of Dilwara Jain temples which his famous for their architectural look. Mount Abu sits on the Aravalli range’s highest peak. A center for religious pilgrimages, the hill station is regarded as a holy place. It was once the retreats for both British and the royals. It abounds with lakes, rivers, green forests, landscape gardens and waterfalls. This station has a wildlife sanctuary that houses more than 800 species of plants as well as wildlife that include jungle cat, wild boar, sloth bear and leopard.

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