Honeymoon During Christmas Holidays

December is the best time to get married. The immediate task after getting married is to arrange a honeymoon. At this auspicious moment you want to spend a lot of time with your spouse, making love and taking vows to spend life together. Travel abroad on your honeymoon to haveunforgettablemoments. Add flavor to your Christmas and honeymoon together.

Honeymoon is the time for celebration of love in secluded and beautiful settings. For this purpose Maldives is world’s best place to enrich your experience.Charistmas holidays are ideal time to go Maldives and enjoying the eye catching islands as a couple. You will find endless ways to entertain you. You will feel among the chosen few while having dinner under the stars or lying in your bungalow with your beloved watching the turquoise waters.so plan for Maldives right after your marriage. I am going to inform you about places and things which will make your honeymoon a splendid one.

About Maldives:

If I say Maldives is the most beautiful island in the world, you will testify this after visiting it.It has twenty six chains of atolls that lie between Minicoy Island.

It is awonderful combination of turquoise waters, lush green trees and sunny beaches. Theserenity of this land will spellbind everyone especially the newlyweds. You two will get retreat of comfort and peace making your honey moon seamless and inspiring.

Go with your beloved to:

Beaches in Maldives; Maldives has number of serene beaches worth visiting.They are in Banyan Tree Island, Cocoa Island and Nika.You will enjoy with your spouse a sunny day on beaches. There are number of beautiful resorts near beaches.

Fishing; is very interesting at Maldives waters. It is a competition that who catches more. But before fishing go for a boat trip at sunset. You will not forget this moment.

Alimatha island; if both of you love to dive then go to Alimatha Island. The jetty light illuminates the water at night. There are sharks in this water but stay calm in see bed and enjoy.

Sun island beach; as you are on honey moon you will surely love to kiss and croon. This sunset tinged beach is the best place to make you feel forlorn into each other’s eye.

Romantic activities in Maldives for two:

The hotels and resorts will offer many romantic services for newly weds.do enjoy these and make life time memories. These are

  • Champagne breakfast in complete privacy
  • Romantic candlelit dinner for couple on beach or anywhere you want
  • Relaxing massage
  • Picnic basket for two.

So what else? These things are enough to catch your attention for planning honeymoon. Your honeymoon need not be once in lifetime, you will observe this every time you get back to these magical sights. Do not wait anymore just pack and take your flight. I hope you will definitely visit Maldives, after all I write so much to convince you.

About Author: Raima Hasan loves to write about travelling. She gives her advice to plan trips. She also writes on canvas prints and home decoration.

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