How to Capture the Best Moments from your Travels

The art of photography will allow you to capture the spectacular places, people and events no matter where you travel. Capturing the best moments is not a matter of waiting for something to happen. You can take the best pictures of your adventures by following a few tips.

Study the area or region where you are going to travel and plan accordingly. Consider the weather, daylight or nighttime hours and the terrain when packing your camera equipment.

You can generally plant to take items such as the following:

A spare camera or two

A supply of batteries for each piece of equipment

Memory cards for each camera

Telephoto lenses

Zoom lenses

Lens filters and covers

A lightweight, portable tripod that will work with all of your cameras

A carrying case that allows you to carry everything easily while protecting the contents

A laptop for downloading pictures

A notebook and pens

Keep records in the notebook while you are taking photos. The information you jot down should include:

Where the picture was taken

What or who the picture was taken of

The time of day and possibly the weather

Anything amusing that may have happened. You can place annotations on your picture or website to go with it.

Prepare for each day’s shoot before you leave your hotel. Inquire about popular or little-known landmarks, museums or religious places. Perhaps a tourist bureau or guide can help you find that special place you are looking for. It is important to be respectful and not take pictures of anything you are asked or told not to. By showing respect, you could be pointed in another direction and capture the picture of a lifetime.

At the end of the day, download your pictures onto the laptop. Record the name of the folder you save the pictures in. This will help you find each one quickly when you need it.

Security for you and your camera should be a daily priority. Travelling with a buddy is always helpful, but not always possible. If you are alone, always be aware of your surroundings. Make sure that any travel insurance you purchase includes your photography equipment. Never leave your equipment in plain sight in your hotel room. Utilize the hotel’s safe, if one is available.

When you arrive home, decide what you will do with your photographic treasures. Many travel magazines, writers, online sites and more will pay for prints. You can also sell prints of your pictures through various online sites, create a travel ebook and sell it online, and make a musical photo montage and post it on YouTube with information about purchasing your ebook or stills. You could end up making enough to cover your last trip and pay for the next one.

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