How to Look Your Best on Vacation


Everyone wants to look great when they travel, whether it’s simply for a self-esteem boost, to look fantastic in the photos, or to attract the perfect vacation romance. But there’s more to it than nailing that beach body (which can take several months of dedication).

Working out is one way to prepare for a vacation, but there are other, faster and much more enjoyable, ways to prep for your getaway. It starts with the right mindset.

Where are you going, what do you plan to do, and who are you going with? This sets the tone for the look you want to achieve.

If you can’t look at anything besides those pesky grey hairs, try starting a vitamin regimen right now to get rid of them naturally, and as an added bonus get those lustrous locks that will make your Facebook profile picture look phenomenal.

A great cut and blowout before you board your flight can also help set the tone for your vacation.

Dress for the occasion

Depending on where you’re headed, you may want to travel with an empty suitcase and make the most of shopping on your trip. Check the weather, and indulge in a few new outfits just in case.

Make sure each item you pack is clean, tear-free, and fits. There’s no such thing as packing too much (new, flattering) underwear, and make sure all the shoes you bring are worn in and don’t cause blisters. Comfort and confidence are the true keys to dressing well.

Also keep in mind that while real beauty comes from within, that also means it comes from being and looking healthy. Try a teeth-whitening regimen two weeks before your trip, and indulge in a face steaming and extraction.

Right before a big event is never a good time to try out a new facial or hair masque, unless you’ve had it before, in case there’s an adverse reaction.

Get your primping in order

If you want to indulge in a manicure, pedicure, waxing, or other beauty treatment, plan it two days before the trip. You need a buffer in case something goes amiss, and the day before a vacation is going to be hectic enough. Even if you’re a spray-tan veteran, you never know when the setting might be off.

Most important, stay hydrated and get enough rest throughout the trip. Stick with your exercise regimen and healthy eating all the way up until you take the flight (and if possible, even during your trip) to get those benefits and keep looking stunning.


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