How To Save On Your Next Overseas Vacation

Trotting the globe is one of the most beneficial experiences a person can have in their life. The chance to see new places and the way people outside of your community live is incredibly enriching. You can learn so much and sample a completely different way of doing things. But overseas travel can also be incredibly expensive. Between airline tickets to what to eat when you arrive, it can be difficult to navigate the financial waters. So how can you experience the joys of seeing the world without completely emptying your bank account? Here are some tips that could get you on your way

1.      Go during the off-season.

Sure, you’ve always heard about Paris in the spring or New York at Christmas. But the fact that you have heard about it is the precise reason why it will be very expensive to go at those times. Everything from hotel rates to airfare depends on what time of year you go and airlines have picked up on when everyone wants to travel. So try to find the perfect balance between weather you will enjoy and prices you can afford. An added bonus is that when you go during the off-peak months, there are fewer crowds, so you might have the Louvre all to yourself.2.      Buy travel insurance.

Now this might seem counter-intuitive if you are trying to save money. But you will spend a whole lot less on travel insurance than you would lose if you had to change your flight at the last minute or if you suddenly got ill while traipsing through the Amazon. Traveling is an adventure! But adventures come with risk and why take the chance of losing so much more money than you had originally planned to spend? Travel Insurance is one of the smartest decisions you can make and will benefit you in the long run.

3.      Visit when there are free events.

Major cities everywhere have festivals and events for their citizens to enjoy. This can be a great way to see local culture without spending a whole lot on expensive outings. For example, Songkran (or the Water Festival) in Thailand is the biggest event of the year. It lasts six days and features painted elephants in the streets and everyone being completely soaked with water. It is a true cultural experience and completely free.

4.      Stay in a hostel or use Air BNB.

After the price of flying, hotels are the most expensive part of the whole trip. But there are plenty of places to crash that won’t break the bank or include insects climbing the walls. Hostels are not solely for college backpackers. You can find very nice ones that offer private rooms, free Wifi, and breakfast. You can also check out couch-surfing sites like where locals will let you crash at their place for a fraction of the cost of a hotel. It’s completely safe and very affordable.

5.      Dine out for lunch or take it outdoors.

Many places, like Thailand, have the world’s best street food that could feed you richly for only dollars a day. Other places like London or New York offer culinary experiences that could easily cost a large sum of money. If you want to experience the finer side of local cuisine, try dining out during lunch instead of dinner. Many places offer affordable lunch specials that still allow you enjoy the fine-dining experience without paying so much. Or grab some food from an outdoor market, put it in a basket, and enjoy it in a famous city park. Spend the afternoon watching the locals go about their business, relax, and enjoy the change in scenery.

There are so many ways to fully experience overseas travel without spending your entire life savings. It is easy to have the time of your life without breaking the bank. There are very few experiences that would be a better way to spend your money. Just pick a destination, grab a travel book, follow these tips, and you’re on your way!

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Author Bio: Stephanie is a writer on anything that strikes her fancy, but particularly travel and food. When she isn’t writing, she can be found in Central Park reading with her dog, Darcy, or exploring vegan restaurants in New York.

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