How to Stay Safe Legally When Out of State

Everyone loves a good road trip; the sights to see, the people to meet and the delicious local foods. However, sometimes these trips don’t turn out quite as idealistic as you would like. There can be disputes with your road trip companions, traffic accidents, and even stolen belongings. When travelling through other states it is imperative to. know how to handle various situations. Included here are a few scenarios you may find yourself in and how to deal with them.

Traffic Accident

Driving unfamiliar roads always poses a greater threat to drivers. The good news is nearly all auto insurance carriers in the United States offer coverage in all states and territories as well as provinces of Canada. Your insurance company should handle the claim exactly as they would from home. They should also be able to offer you towing options in the area you are located. Contacting the 800 number listed on your card should give your 24 hour claims reporting.

Domestic Dispute

Ideally, these circumstances would never arise, at home or on the road. But, unfortunately, many people find themselves in these scenarios with no idea what to do. Domestic disputes are an especially delicate situation for families.

Some states, such as Texas, have a “No-Drop” policy on domestic violence, meaning even if your partner chooses to drop the charges against you, you may be held liable regardless. This policy was created with the intent of protecting victims from further intimidation; but, if your situation was meant to be a harmless dispute that unintentionally involved the police, you may find yourself in hot water. Getting legal advice in this situation should be your first course of action. Try to keep a trusted lawyers phone number in your wallet at all times, they may be able to refer you to local help if needed.

Stolen Property

The first thing to do after losing property is to contact the local police department. If you are able to provide serial numbers to the items lost, such as a stereo or iPod, it will give them a much better chance of recovering the items. In the case of a stolen car stereo, you may want to report it to local police so they are able to monitor for similar thefts. It is up to you to decide whether or not to report it to your insurance company. Some companies have a separate benefit for broken windows, but in some cases your deductible can cost more than what the window would be out of pocket. If you have invested a lot in your stereo though, it can be worth it to report. Always attempt to involve local police in any scenarios of theft, they may not always be able to recover your stolen goods, but you may be helping prevent crime for someone else.

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