Incredible Deserts of Africa

Africa, the second largest continent of the world is a place full of astonishing natural beauty. The wild jungles and grassy meadows of this animal kingdom are not only the places where animals are found. Africa is also the home for some of the amazing deserts in the world, with full of vibrant vegetation and exciting wildlife. Here are 5 incredible deserts that are located in this amazing continent.

1. Sahara Desert

The largest desert of the world, Sahara Desert has covered a huge area of Northern Africa. It is also popularly known as Greatest Desert. Sahara region, which also include Algeria and Egypt, is home to millions of people and different varieties of animals ranging from desert hyenas to hedgehogs. There is an intriguing history associated with this desert and considered as the African culture’s heart. Sahara desert is definitely one of the hottest deserts, however it can be the coolest destinations for traveling.

2. The Blue Desert

The magnificent Blue Desert is situated in Egypt in the Sinai Desert. The Blue Desert is quite popular for its painted blue rocks. It is certainly worth seeing the striking individuality of this desert. Jean Vera Me was the great artist to paint the rocks in blue in 1980. It is considered as a symbol of peace between Israel and Egypt. This intriguing and unique location will certainly dazzle the visitors with its stunning piece of artwork.

3. Libyan Desert

The Libyan Desert is situated within the Sahara and is one of the amazing deserts with enchanting beauty. Most parts of this desert are sand, and it offers endless extreme beauty, vibrant color and stunning landscapes. With sand seas and mountains, it offers a wide range of striking, bold colors and stunning scenery. The vastness of this desert makes it one of the dreamy destinations for humble travelers.

4. Nubian Desert

The sandy Nubian Desert is located close to the Abidya town. Visitors won’t find hard to find the accommodations nearby. The area around Nubian Desert has been inhabited by the Nubian people since the ancient times. So, travelers will get the opportunity to indulge themselves in the Nubian culture, traditions and customs. People in this region are known for their skills with bow and arrow and being unbelievable horseback riders. Visitors will surely find those people captivating.

5. Namib Desert

Popularly known as Vast Place, the Namib Desert is stretched up to 50,000 km in Southern Africa. This is the home to some of the toughest and smallest plants, animals and insects though it is nearly impossible to find water in this desert. It is a gorgeous ancient desert with a stunning sight. However, travelers won’t find this place hospitable and might want to leave early.

These are some of the best deserts in Africa. From the enchanting and unique Blue Desert to the famous Sahara, Africa’s Deserts are full of delight and splendor. Anyone visiting this continent should not miss out their chances to revel in its dreamy sand lands.

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