Indonesia – The Land of Thousands of Islands

Indonesia is a land of islands. When you fly across this magnificent country, you will see that it is comprised of many beautiful islands. Bali has been one of the biggest attractions for travelers. However, there are a lot of other places worth exploring too. Mentioned below are few such places.

Different Places to explore and enjoy the fascinating views

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Thinking out of the box – Places you are really going to like

Some of the amazing places to be included in your itinerary are as follows

  • Yogyakarta- This is a traveler’s paradise, which is known for its eye-catching architecture and spiritual sensibility. This cultural center of Java Island is also popular for its street food and different flea markets, which sell artifacts of the Indonesian culture. You may choose to visit the National Park as well.
  • The mystic and tranquil Lake Toba is recommended for backpackers
  • Lombok – for mind-blowing waterfalls and vast terrains

The experience is better than the ordinary in places like the ones mentioned above.

restaurants roadside

Enjoy your food at the restaurants or roadside vendors

Foods that are inspired by their tradition are easily accessible. Foods like Betutu, Ikan Bakar etc are a real treat to your taste buds. Tumpeng is a famous dish loved by the Indonesians. It is a rice dish, which is shaped like a mountain or a cone surrounded by various side dishes. These dishes can be both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. However, you need to be careful about a few dishes, as they might have a lot of chilies.


Affordable Price and High Quality markets to shop in

There are many flea markets along the streets of Jakarta. In these places, you will be able to shop for jewelry, clothes, handicrafts, and many contemporary goodies. There are also some luxury end malls, where you can almost get anything. It is advisable to be careful and bargain as much as possible.

Are you looking for a special night out with your significant other? – Here’s what you can do

There are many restaurants to consider, where you can spend some amazing moments together.

  • A sprawling number of Indonesian cuisine restaurants are just right to enjoy the food as well as the company of your partner.
  • You may also find some good cafes in and around the Jakarta City.

You can go online and search for reviews, so that you can decide on the best restaurant. Also, you shall be able to visit all the historic places during the day and check out the night life as the day comes to an end.

Other Amazing Activities to Enjoy

Scuba diving rentals are offered in almost all the famous beaches, so if you want to explore the sea, this would be the best option. If the weather complements and you are ready to spend a little more, you can go for an aerial view of some of the islands.

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