Ireland Could Be The Perfect Location For A Romantic Break For Two: Here’s Why

Whether you’re considering taking your loved one away to propose marriage, or even if you just fancy treating them to a short relaxing break, Ireland is definitely a location that you should think about. It’s certainly true that most couples visit Paris or Rome when looking for a romantic vacation, but in reality, you could have a truly fantastic time whilst staying a little closer to home. Airline tickets to Ireland are very cheap and if you’re smart about when you book your seats, there’s no reason you both shouldn’t be able to fly for less than £80.

Still, many people don’t realise how tranquil and aesthetically pleasing this country really is – probably because our news channels tend to focus on the disturbances that occur north of the border, and that’s precisely the reason I’ve written this article. Take a moment or two to read through the rest of this page and I’m reasonably confident you’ll agree with my viewpoint.

The Most Well-Kept Castles In The World

It doesn’t really matter whether or not you have a particular interest in history, the castles you can visit with your partner are truly awe-inspiring. Take Castle Leslie in County Monaghan for instance. This place is open to the public all year round, and for a small fee you can spend an entire day strolling around the 1,000 aces of woodland that surround the ancient fort. You’ll also encounter glittering lakes and amazing wildlife within the grounds, and we all know how romantic that can be.

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The Most Welcoming Residents In The World

Thanks to the historical differences between Ireland and the rest of the UK, many people have this misconception that Irish people don’t like those of us from the mainland, but that’s a load of nonsense. The last time I visited Dublin, the locals were nothing if not friendly and they always tipped their hats to say good morning. As a rule, people aren’t stupid and they understand the problems caused by our government in the past have little to do with civilians, so give them a chance. Also, if you check out Venere, you should find some brilliant deals on hotels in the area, so yet again the price can be kept down.

The Most Romantic Music In The World

Most people would probably consider the music of Italy or France to provide the best ambience for romance, but in truth, the traditional fiddle and violin groups who grace pubs every single night in Ireland have a lot to answer for. Nothing is more romantic than dancing, and that’s just what you’ll be encouraged to do is Ireland – even whilst you’re holding a pint of Guinness.

So there you have it my lovebug friends. Hopefully now you’ll see exactly why I think this country beats the others hands down in the romance stakes, and why I sincerely hope you’ll book a short break there sometime soon. The cost is so minimal that you really have nothing to lose.

Have fun lovebirds!

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