Islamic Destination To Visit In Bahrain

Bahrain is among the kingdoms in the UAE. It is surrounded by two seas, but in it the best Islamic places to visit. To most people, they refer to it as the land of pearls. This is because it was the main financial source, apart from oil.

Bab Al Bahrain

This simply means the gate of Bahrain. This is a tourist attraction in Bahrain that was built in the 1940s by the British. This is a mark of the entrance of Manama Souq, being located at the CDB. The features of the gate includes;

· Beautiful Islamic architecture

· Former host of the government offices

· Beneath its arch is a road leading to the market place

· It is located in front of the beach

The grand mosque

Bahrain is an Islamic country, which aside from this boasts one of the largest mosques in the world. The mosque is popularly known as the Al Fatih Mosque. This makes it the largest worship place in Bahrain. The mosque is located in the capital of Manama, in the town of Juffair. This a location that’s near the royal pace of Bahrain. The reasons why you should consider visiting the mosque include;

· The mosque was built in 1987 by Sheikh Isa Salman Al Khalifa.

· It is attractive because it is built on glass fiber, making it the largest dome to be built on glass fiber.

· The popular mosque is popular for its capacity of holding 7,000 worshipers at the same time.

Arad fort

The Arad fort is popularly known, among the tourist attractions in Bahrain. The fort was built and used by the Omani’s while they had occupied Bahrain. The fort is attractive for its;

· Has been renovated recently and lights up at night, attracting attention from tourists

· The location of the fort is attractive, since it is located between Bahrain and Muharraq water ways.

Bahrain Grand Prix

When you visit Bahrain, you cannot leave without the Bahrain Grand pix taking place. This is because it is the first of its kind to take place in Bahrain. The Bahrain Grand Pix includes;

· Formula one racing cars

· The formula is award winning, as the most organize.

· Ensure you visit Bahrain at the time the grand pix is taking place.

National museum of Bahrain

This was the first museum to be opened in the Gulf in the year 1988. There are various attractions for every tourist visiting Bahrain that include;

· Sculptures that decorate the courtyard

· Artifacts in the hallways that were discovered as a result of archaeological sites

· The history of Bahrain from 6000 years back put together

· Get the chance to see the traditional clothes, houses among others, of the people of Bahrain

Barbar temple

The Barbar temple is yet another tourist attraction in Bahrain. It is an archaeological site that is located in Barbar, a village in Bahrain. It is considered to be part of the Dilmun culture. The latest one was discovered in the 1954. The archaeological sites should be of interest to you because;

· There are two temple, with one built on top of the other

· Third temple was added on top of the other two temples

· It is said the temples were built for the worship of Enki, a god.

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