Kuala Lumpur: The Great City of Indochina

Kuala Lumpur, abbreviated by locals as KL, is more than a capital city; it stands as a monument of the Malaysian creativity and determination to turn this small Chinese tin – mining village to a bustling metropolis of around 6.5 million in 150 years. It is among the fastest growing metropolitan regions in the country, taking into concideration the population and economy.
This dynamic city has it all, from some of the world’s cheapest 5-star hotels, to excellent food and some of nature’s most amazing wonders.

So, what would you do first if you ever visit this magnificent city? In order to help you making that decision, i’ve created a short list of some interesting stuff that i feel you might enjoy in while your stay here.
I’ve divided the list into four categories – Food & Drink, Arts & Culture, Nightlife & Music and Attractions & Activities.

1. Food& Drink – Piping hot Biryani

Fierce Curry House is the best place for this classic biryani served in a pastry-sealed bowl. Our advice is that you go for the mutton biryani, and don’t forget to spoon curry over the rice.

  • Drink (frosty) beer the old fashioned way

It is an interesting drink for all beer lovers, the ice-blended Heineken. The bottle is kept at a low temperature and then poured into a frozen mug. As it cools, the texture of the drink changes and forms ice flakes. Fun fact: frosty beers were once a beverage only found in Chinese kopitiam in Ipoh, where they called it ‘snow beer’

2. Arts & Culture

  • Participate in the annual Thaipusam procession at Batu Caves

The best time to visit Badu Caves’ many temples and shrines is during Thaipusam (usually in the month of January or February), a colorful one-day festival where over a million Hindus gather in dedication of Lord Morgan. Witness staunch devotees in trance as they carry elaborate kavadis (wood or steel structures carried on shoulders) up the cave’s 272 steps. Not for the faint hearted, it’s a religious festival of song and dance like no other.

  • Make sure to find your way to Publica Solaris Dutamas mall, and get cultured 

This mall will literally make you feel more cultured. How? It is filled with art installations all across the walkways, very clever selection of graffity in the rest rooms, and beautiful galleries among the shops. I don’t believe there is another similar place in the rest of the civilized world, with that much creative vibe. And don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy your coffee in any of the mall’s cafès, while relaxing with the colorful view.

 3. Music & Nightlife

  •  Drink in the view at Sky Bar

So many nights have started and ended at Sky Bar. And i am not regretting. It has the perfect combination: tasty cocktails, magnificent views of the KL skyline and a posh environment that is far from snotty. Sometimes you can even invite somebody to dance a little when the DJ churns out groovy beats.

  • Join a symphony with the best classics at Dewan Filharmonik Petronas

From Tchaikovsky to ‘Final Fantasy’, Dewan Filharmonik Petronas (DFP) is the concert hall to be for top-notch classical and popular culture-centric orchestral performances. With a classical nineteenth century shoe-box design and world class acoustics, the 920-capacity DFP is similar of grand European concert halls of yore, resulting in an oftentimes lovely and elegant night out.

4. Attractions & Activities

  • Discover your fortune at Sin Sze Si Ya temple

This Taoist temple is where Yap Ah Loy’s shrine sits amongst the gods; it’s also dedicated to the patron deities Sin SzeYa and Si SzeYa. Resident caretaker of the temple, Madam Wong is probably the only female fortune teller left who can interpret chim, the fortune sticks that predict your future – and it’s only RM1. If your luck has turned its back on you lately, draw three circles under the main altar for good fortune.

  • Enjoy in the jungle without leaving the city at Tamarind Springs

Sick of skyscrapers? There are jungles too – a 15-minute drive into Ampang will lead you into peaceful territory. Here you’ll find Tamarind Springs, a fine dining restaurant built like a resort reaching into the trees.

About Author: Dejan Lazoroski Limitless travel 24 is a relatively new site created with a simple task, to explore this beautiful planet of ours and all of its wonderful places and sights and present them to every travel lover and adventure seeker.

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