London and its diverse beauty

London is not only capital city but the most adventurous and interesting place in the world. This unique place has best museums, historical buildings and monuments. This city attracts all kind of people. London Attractions has lots of scenic beauty that can charm each individual that visit.

London is enriched with different kind of people, culture and languages. This diversification makes tourist to stay here for a longer period. Though many books and internet gives information on this place, but all the thing that are being written or said seems to be very small to describe London.

In London there are many tourist attraction places like the Tower of London, include Kensington Palace, Royal Albert Hall and Windsor Castle. London witnesses some of the world’s best museums like Churchill Museum, Clink Prison Museum and Bank of England Museum. Other famous historic place is Kensington Palace, Royal Albert Hall and Windsor Castle.

London has a different kind of parks, which sooths your senses to provide relief. Some parks are big where as others are small. Parks like Green Park , Queen Mary’s Gardens, Hyde Park and many more.

As everyone knows that London is famous for the base of royal family in Buckingham Palace. Westminster Abbey and St Paul’s Cathedral are important religious symbols of London. Legal base of United Kingdom is in London, with the Houses of Parliament and Whitehall are the main centers. Big Ben is one of the known places of London. There are popular stores in Oxford Street which are best suited for shopping. Other shopping places include Bond Street, Carnaby Street and Savile Row.

The River Thames is the important river that flows through the heart of London. Other places that will attract you are Harrods, Selfridges, Marble Arch and Diana Fountain.

London has everything that can attract tourist from all round the corner. This city is full of fun that also nourishes this unique multi-cultural flair where everyone can find a place for themselves. It is rightly said that it is a city of neighborhoods and its vibes can change every individual. This place is a home for many Hollywood celebrities in the world. It is not a surprise that different types of people from the world are fascinated with its quality of life, amazing architecture and diverse culinary scene and plethora of parks.

To experience the cultural variations of London it is must to taste the different range of dishes and delicatessen which is easily available in of restaurants in London.

A chain of restaurants starting from Chinese food in China Town (Leicester Square), awesome Indian dishes in Brick Lane, aromatic Lebanese in Edgware Road, mouthwatering Turkish in the Mare Street and delicious Nigerian in Old Kent Road are there in London.

London is a global city which is a sum of knowledge, experiences, sports and religion and its strengths in the arts, commerce, education, finance, healthcare, media, professional services, research, entertainment, fashion , development, tourism and transport all contributing to its economy and culture. London is the must visit place in the world that has everything to make you feel special.

Travelling to London remains incomplete if you miss any of the above mentioned destinations of this city to explore. The atmosphere of London is pretty romantic and in case you look for some sizzling partner to accompany you in case you are alone to this destination then you can take the assistance of escort agencies. The talented escorts from reputed agencies will give your night life in London a new dimension. On request they will accompany you to the top destinations of London acting as a guide, friend and philosopher for you.

Before you land in London make sure to book your accommodation in advance as this hot destination is favorite for tourists from all corners of the globe.  Exploring London attractions will be tiring without a good accommodation option.

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