London’s Ten Best Attractions For Visitors

Visiting London is a wonderful experience, and in this rich and vibrant city there is more to see than most people could fit into a month, let alone a few days. If your time in London is limited, we’ve handpicked 10 of the most amazing London attractions that really should form part of your itinerary when visiting the city. If you are recent London movers and are now resident in the city, make sure you make time to see these top 10 attractions as the city would not be the same without them.

1. The London Eye
The EDF Energy London Eye is a stunning new feature of the skyline of the city, and is easily accessible for visitors to the Westminster end of the city. Catch the tube to Westminster and you’ll get to see Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament from an exceptional viewpoint as you cross Westminster Bridge to get to the south side of the river. A ride on the London Eye takes around 30 minutes, but you can see more than 55 of the best London landmarks in one go in this incredibly exciting ride.

2. Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum boasts collections of some of the biggest, rarest and most exceptional animals in the world. From a life sized blue whale to a real stuffed dodo and of course the incredible permanent collection of dinosaur skeletons, this is one attraction that won’t break the budget as entrance is free.

3. The Science Museum
Also in up market Kensington and right next door to the Natural History Museum, the Science Museum is one of the world’s largest exhibitions that truly brings science to life. From finding out about the future of space travel to exploring the inner workings of the human body, the Science Museum is sure to fascinate visitors of all ages as they experience the wonders of life.

4. Buckingham Palace
The palace building in itself is worth a visit just to see it, but if you fancy delving into the interior, 19 of the 775 rooms in the palace are open to the public. Time it right and you might get to see a changing of the guard as well, and if it’s a nice sunny day you can make the most of the spectacular scenery in St. James’ Park by taking a stroll to the palace from Horseguards through the manicured landscape.

5. The Royal Observatory
Within the National Maritime Museum at Greenwich, which in itself is worth a visit, the Royal Observatory is where the National Meridian Line is housed. The line is the point at which the globe is divided into east and west, and is the location of Longitude 0 degrees, also known as the Prime Meridian. As well as the home of Greenwich Mean Time, the Observatory also has an incredibly high tech planetarium, as well as the UK’s largest refracting telescope.

6. The Thames
If the giddy heights of the London Eye are a bit too much for you to bear, another great way to sightsee in London is on one of the river cruise boats. Guided tours take visitors from Westminster or Embankment down to Tower Bridge, or in some cases even as far as the Thames Barrier. Exit your boat a Tower Bridge to visit the Tower of London, and catch the Docklands Light Railway (DLR) back to the city for unique views of the East End.

7. St Pauls
Best known for its unique and distinctive Basilica, St Pauls is just as spectacular from the inside as it is outside. The crypt houses the tombs of some of the most well-known people of our time, from Nelson to Wellington, and the Whispering Gallery is a great place to discover wondrous acoustics.

8. The British Museum
Tracing our history back to 10,000 BC, the British Museum brings the past to life through unique and impressive collections of artefacts and objects. Some of the highlights of the collections include the Rosetta Stone and Egyptian mummies, but plan your visit carefully as there is so much to see here, you could spend a week!

9. The National Gallery
Home to such wonders as Van Gogh’s Sunflowers, the Water-Lilly Pond by Monet and great collections from many well-known painters, the National Gallery is situated on Trafalgar Square and a must see attraction whilst in London. See work from da Vinci, Turner, Rubens, Renoir and many more, and when you’re finished, step outside to enjoy great views of Nelsons Column and the four lions of Trafalgar Square.

10. The Tower of London
One of the city’s most iconic buildings, and with one of the grizzliest histories of any place in the world, The Tower of London is guarded by Beefeaters and an impressive place to spend some time. Built by William the Conqueror in 1078, the building was once a royal residence, later a prison and is now home to the gorgeously glittering crown jewels.

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