Lovely Spots You May Visit During Lake Michigan Road Trip

There are times in life when one needs to take a vacation to just lock out the usual events of life. The thing that necessitates the need to take the vacation is to relax both the mind. In some cases, the need is so urgent that the person travelling decides to get the DVLA contact numberto make enquiries needed prior to travelling. On the same note, the place to go on vacation is dependent on the individual and their tastes and preferences. One of the best areas that a person can go on vacation happens to Michigan and this article will mention a few lovely spots that worth checking out.


This is one of the most popular beach towns in the whole region and it has served as one of the best attraction points in the state. The beach town is hosted by about thirty five miles of the lake’s coastline. This is just a tip of the ice berg in that the coastline has numerous trails that serve as a hiking attraction. After a hike, the sceneries around empire make for a great photo shoot session. Couple all this by the fact that the entire area is actually a National Park and the vacation will be one unforgettable experience.

Traverse City

Before getting to Michigan, it would be wise to take a rest stop along this city known as Traverse City. The biggest attraction is the fact that this town hosts some of the best eating places in the whole of Michigan. Almost all tourists who visit Michigan take a stop here before getting to the lake and sometime even after the lake session. The city has some of the best chefs and restaurants and with these two; it is no surprise that it is the best eating place around the Michigan area. The city is not all about food as it has some of the best wines, vodka and locally made brews.

Suttons Bay

After spending a few hours in Traverse City, another attraction awaits for you about 15 miles away. Here, the concentration of boats is the biggest attraction is boats. All the way back from the 19th century, this has been the favorite place for boaters. In addition to the boats, visitors and the native people get the chance to have picnics along the bay, take lovely walks as they view the marina as the sun sets. Afterwards, the bay town has been known to screen great movies in the Bay Theatre and it is almost always full. This is one of the few spots in Michigan that has so much to see and enjoy that visitors rarely get enough.

As can be seen above, a person may decide to go to Michigan just to see the lake but ends up enjoying so much more than just the lake. Many a time, people have ended their vacation and immediately after getting home, decided that Michigan will still be the place they visit next all because of the attractions.

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