Make Your Home Safe Before Traveling

Leaving home for a vacation or other reason requires a few things to be done for security and safety of the house and property while everyone is away. If the thermostat was set too high or low when everyone left for work and school, it is not as critical as the same problem happening when everyone has left for a week long ocean cruise. There are steps that need to be completed when leaving home for an extended length of time.

Ten Basic Home Safety Tips to Use When Preparing for Travel

1. Shut off the water to the clothes washer. Rubber hoses that have burst on a clothes washer can spray water continually until the family returns home.

2. Unplug small kitchen appliances such as toasters and coffee pots. Newer appliances have touch controls instead of on and off switches. A sudden power surge or electronics failure can activate an appliance.

4. Stop the mail at the post office and have trusted neighbor pick up the newspaper. No sense in telling the paper delivery person that the house is going to be empty, and the neighbor picking up the paper provides a daily visual check to the house.

5. Make use of light timers, or better yet. Having lights go on and off at programmed times indicate normal routines are still in place. This is much better than a house that has been obviously dark for days.

6. Put away attractive items outside such as bicycles and tools. Put the barbecue grill in its winter storage location.

7. Physically check every door and window to confirm that locks are locked.

8. Adjust the climate controls.

9. Shut off and unplug computers, video game consoles, televisions and other electronic items. A thunderstorm in the area while everyone is away can result in damaged electronics. Plus, most modern electronics continue to draw power even when off.

10. Advise the monitoring center of the home security alarm company that the house is gong to be unoccupied. If no alarm system is installed, consider the valuable fire and intrusion protection a 24-hour monitored Vivint security system offers.

Every home is unique and may have other safety and security issues that need to be addressed before everyone leaves. Installation of a monitored home security system that protects when the family is at home or away gives peace of mind. Also, having a trusted friend, neighbor or relative that can take care of unforeseen situations is a good idea too.

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