Marvellous Malta

Malta is a simply wonderful holiday destination. Home to stunning scenery, seas of the deepest blue, a fascinating history that stretches back centuries and some of the best diving in the world, this is a place where there’s something for everyone.

Glittering sea

You’re never more than a stone’s throw from the Mediterranean on Malta. The beaches may be diminutive, but they are gorgeous, with pretty cove after cove making up the stunning coast line, just perfect for a cooling swim. Below the sea line a whole new world opens up and divers from all over the world flock to the islands to explore the underwater sites that include huge caves and the eerie remains of WWII bombers. Visit  to discover more. The sea also provides much of the food served on the islands.Unsurprisingly the fish and seafood are unfailingly fresh and utterly delicious.


Much of the wonderful architecture on the island is a result of the country’s devout Roman Catholic heritage. Huge churches loom over small villages. The country is staunchly Roman Catholic, with mighty churches towering over diminutive villages. Even the pretty jumble of fishing boats reverberate with history, as the prows are painted with beguiling eyes, echoing the way that the ancient Phoenicians decorated their own craft thousands of years ago.

Melting pot

Malta’s cultural make-up is charmingly eclectic – with a tangle of different influences that have resulted in the wonderful Maltese people that you will meet on your travels. Although it sounds Arabic, the Malti language has strands of French, Italian and English running through it and the cuisine mixes Middle Eastern influences with those from Sicily, a wonderful hybrid of flavours. The locals are certainly welcoming and always friendly and this an unfailingly hospitable place, a perfect location to for a time share, as many people, having once visited, feel the urge to return year after year, building real relationships with the local people as time passes slowly in the sun. If you are wondering how to sell a timeshare  there is a wealth of information available on the internet.

Alive with history

Malta is the location of several some of the world’s most striking sites form prehistoric times, with massive ancient temples set high on the cliff tops, and impressive underground necropolis intricately carved directly into the cliff sides. These are islands with an almost tangible sense of history, and a visit here will stay with you for a very long time. The island retains its besieged air, despite the current era of peace. This comes from the strong fortified cities with defensive walls surrounding them, the several mighty fortresses and underground tunnels that were so important during World War II. For more information about the fascinating history of this region, visit


Malta has a timeless feel, despite the fact that this is a location with one foot firmly in the 21st century. Valletta, the capital city of Malta has benefited from some well-planned and stunningly executed new buildings recently, with a gateway designed by the legendary architect Renzo Piano plus a huge new outdoor auditorium and wonderfully impressive new home for the parliament.

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