Mind, Body and Soul: Caravan-Friendly Keep-Fit Tips

If there is one thing holidays are good for it is giving you the opportunity to recharge the batteries as you relax and recuperate away from everyday stresses. Luxury caravan holidays are especially good at helping you escape the chaos and enjoy a slower pace of life, as is life in a residential caravan park. Caravans have a unique character and the ability to provide a balanced life of peace and freedom as well as adventure and novelty. Whether you choose to relocate to a residential park or spend a fortnight exploring the heart of England, you will no doubt feel the positive effects post-holiday.

That said, many people consider holidays to be synonymous with completely abandoning all facets of normal life; it seems some people accept that eating and drinking too much, shutting themselves off from the world and doing absolutely nothing is the norm on holiday both at home and abroad. However, doing nothing for a two week stretch – or longer if you’ve permanently relocated to a caravan park – can be just as harmful to your health as doing too much.

To help you combat the unhealthy habits associated with holidays, we have compiled this list of caravan friendly keep fit tips for your mind, body and soul. So read on and get ready to enjoy a healthy caravan holiday!


Whether you go away for a couple of weeks, a few months or even if you permanently relocate to a residential caravan park in hopes of a comfortable and leisurely retirement, keeping physically active is only half of the health battle. There is nothing worse than realising you’ve wasted weeks doing too much or too little of something and that it has left you worse for wear. On holiday, if you do nothing but run around all day cramming everything in to the short time you’ve got, you will end up even more stressed and worn out than you were when you started. On the other hand, if you laze by the pool all day and veg out in front of the TV all night, you will end up with an underused mind that struggles to kick back into gear when you get back to reality.

To combat such (literally) mind-numbing holidays and homecomings, here are some ideas on how to keep your brain in gear whilst on holiday or enjoying a slower pace of life in a residential caravan:

  • Keep Up To Date Read a newspaper at breakfast; not only will you keep abreast of current events, you’ll also have plenty of mental stimulation and conversation topics up your sleeve.
  • Play Mind Games Read a book or invest in a puzzle book you can do at night or on lazy days by the pool. You’ll still be able to relax but you’ll have an alternative to the TV and something to keep you occupied.
  • Get Involved As well as going out and exploring nature (fresh air: good for the brain), make sure you make time for cultural activities that will keep your mind active and engaged; try the theatre, a museum or even a humble pub quiz.


No matter how good your intentions are, at some point you will be tempted to be a little naughtier than normal on holiday. That means more relaxed eating habits and not-so-strict health and fitness regimes. As a result you may suffer the frustration of adding holiday pounds or realising your fitness levels drop a few notches whilst away. You need to pay attention to your body though, whether you’re at home or away. To help you handle your body’s health whilst you’re enjoying the freedom and adventure of your caravan, here are three quick tips:

  • Eat Fresh Diet plays a big part in our overall health, providing us with all the necessary nutrients and ultimately affecting every part of our bodies, from hair and skin to blood and bones. It is important to eat a balanced diet, opting for fresh foods whenever possible. Make sure you get the right amount of protein (fish, meat, eggs, soy), fruit and veg (five portions a day) and grains (porridge for breakfast, wholegrain bread for your sandwiches). Also, don’t forget to take any vitamins you may need a top up of.
  • Drink Up Staying hydrated is crucial to overall health, especially in the summer when hot and muggy days can play havoc with your body. The general rule of thumb is to have six to eight glasses of water a day. In high temperatures or when you are particularly active, as well as when you feel thirsty, you should aim to drink more. If you can’t stomach the thought of eight or more glasses of water every single day then try mixing it up; infuse your water with different fruity flavours so you can enjoy a tasty drink that’s healthier than pop and other sugary drinks. For some great infused water recipes see here.
  • Stay Active When you’re on holiday or living in a residential caravan park, you have plenty of opportunity to keep active. You can stay onsite and make the most of the facilities such as tennis courts, bowling greens or swimming pools. If you want something low impact to do in the comfort of your own caravan then you can try these 13 Easy Yoga Poses. Alternatively, you could get out and explore the area on a bicycle or go for a walk of some sort; ambles, powerwalks and if you’re so inclined, jogs are all ideal as easy cardio workouts. Plus, if you do something active as your means of exploration, you will barely even notice you’re exercising!

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Holidays are supposed to be relaxing, as is retirement and semi-retirement, but many people forget to make time for themselves or for enriching the soul. People have a habit of getting too busy trying to do things they forget to just be happy. Make sure you pay just as much attention to keeping your soul in check as you do your body and mind; here are a couple of top tips for holiday soul fitness to get you started:

  • Socialise This is a big one. There’s something to be said for going out and meeting people or catching up with those you already know. Whether it’s a quick cup of tea in the morning, a meal out or a group excursion, socialising helps to broaden your horizons and keep on top of your social skills, not to mention make friends. We are social creatures so even when we head for our holidays, it is best to keep in touch with people and make an effort to spend time with actual people, in person…remember: no matter how much you need a bit of R’n’R, no man is an island.
  • Pass The Time Wisely Take up a hobby or indulge in one you already have. Whether home or away, one thing that will keep you happy and relaxed is doing something you love. That could mean doing a spot of riverside fishing a couple of times a week, taking a Wednesday morning pottery class or cooking more often and more experimentally. Whatever way you do it, making time to enrich yourself with your passions is important. You could even pick up a new hobby that fits in with your holiday plans, such as swimming or watching wildlife. However you envisage passing the time, just make sure you make room and the effort to have a little “me time” whilst you’re on holiday.

These are just a few ideas on how to keep you mind, body and soul in shape whilst on a luxury caravan holiday or enjoying life in a residential caravan. As long as you cover all three bases, how you go about it is very much each to their own – just make sure it’s a priority! Do you have any other caravan-friendly keep fit tips to share?


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