Most Loved Destinations Around The World During Christmas

The wintery holiday is upon us and we have got the most loved destinations to be at Christmas. If you are celebrating Christmas alone as a traveler or with family, you can go to one of these locations and you won’t be disappointed.

We have in this list some of the most popular tourist destination but if you will also discover that these places become more charming during Christmas.

We have put together this list based on user reviews and feedback and have tried to keep this list as authentic as possible.

So let’s have a look at some of them.

Vienna: Perhaps the most beautiful city to be in on Christmas, the capital city of Austria attracts a stream of visitors during the festive session. From ice skating to cheerful market places Vienna will keep you busy. At nights the view is stunning with lights glittering on every street.

If you want to be in Vienna for Christmas then make sure to plan the trip in advance as you won’t find any hotels available during the holiday.



Paris:  Next we have the French capital. All l though slightly expensive, but it is an truly enjoyable experience to witness the city of lovers get into the Christmas spirit. Paris with its magnificent streets teaming with light is a spectacle on Christmas and the will keep you in high spirits.

Contrary to popular beliefs Paris has lots places of interests for children during Christmas. From ice skating to city fairs the French capital during the festive sessions is enough to bring out the child in us. Don’t forget to ice skate at the Eiffel Tower!

Las Vegas: If you decide to visit the city of Las Vegas on Christmas you will be in company of three million other tourists who come to the city to party like they can’t anywhere else in the world.

From fountain dance to laser shows Vegas has it all. But chance are that if you are in Vegas you would probably want to get inside the casinos and during the festive session the casinos get in the mood as well by hosting in house laser shows and Christmas parties.

London: The most traveled city of the world is also a popular destination around Christmas. Skating is a popular activity throughout the winter and there are many places to where you can skate away.  If you are nervous about your skating skills then there are many skating schools for beginners as well throughout the city.

At night the Christmas lights will take your breath away as the Victorian architecture of the city gleams in the glow.

Rovaniemi: The Finnish city is one of the Christmas destinations around the world. Walking through the streets during Christmas it is hard not to get classic into the Christmas spirit. Don’t miss the local mouth watering delicacies during your visit as they are sure to make your trip memorable.

If you happen to be in Europe during the festive session then make sure to drop by and you will be glad that you came.

Rome: Rome is among the most popular destinations during Christmas. Among other things you get to attend the Christmas Eve Mass in presence of the Pope himself.

There are plenty of delicacies for the foreign tongue here and the Christmas lights make the whole city feel divine like nothing else.

It is a particularly nice place to be at around Christmas if you are with family. Make sure to visits the local churches around the city as they are among the major attractions of the city.

Cologne: The German city is a hit among travelers during the festive season. The feasts and the market will make you glad that you decided to come here for the holiday.

Don’t forget to eat at the variety of restaurants throughout the city.


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